Biden’s economic decrees include food aid and labor protection – ópoca Negócios

Biden's economic decrees include food aid and labor protection - ópoca Negócios

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US President Joe Biden planned to issue a decree on Friday that could result in the modest but necessary support for the millions of Americans who are reeling from the Kovid-19 epidemic.

Highlight economic decrees:

Extension of food aid in Pandey

Last year, the US Congress instituted a program for students from low-income families who depended on school meals, even when the school was closed with coupons for use in markets, that they continued to eat. But as schools are open in some communities and closed in others, and there have been delays in advising states on how to implement the program, access to aid is problematic.

Biden’s decree asked the Department of Agriculture to increase the amount available to families in the program and make it easier for families to claim benefits.

He still asks the department to allow states to increase emergency fund allocation for food stamps to the poorest households – those who had already attained the maximum before the crisis struck.

Several states have initiated lawsuits over how the Department of Agriculture implemented the law during the tenure of former President Donald Trump, stating that it includes about 40% of food stamp recipients who should be entitled to additional assistance.

Help for STIMULUS packaging

The decree tells the Treasury Department to help people for incentive payments under an anti-pandemic package last year, to develop the “online tool to claim payment if they haven’t received it yet,” to receive money By doing so, “those who have not yet accessed their funds are relieved and by analyzing housing without having to contribute to additional aid efforts”.

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Restoration of protection for federal workers

Biden’s Decree Three reminds 2018 that Trump’s directives have weakened labor protections for unionized employees, limited their pay time to address union issues and demanded that union contracts be a Be prepared for negotiations in less than a year.

Salary benefit of 15 dollars

During the campaign, Biden promised to raise the federal minimum wage to $ 15 per hour. The decree instructs agencies to “analyze whether federal employees earn less than $ 15 per hour” and develops recommendations to increase their salaries. Biden is required to pay federal service providers a minimum of $ 15 and offer paid emergency leave, and the decree instructs his government to “start work” that would make it such a decree within 100 days Will allow issuance. The federal minimum wage since 2009 is $ 7.25 per hour.

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