Big Transformers is the laziest movie in the franchise

Big Transformers is the laziest movie in the franchise

Transformerstron is the subtitle of the new animation from Hotel Transylvania. The fourth film in the saga comes amazon prime video January 14 and will excite fans of the beloved movie monsters. But don’t get too excited. The film would rank well below the other three films.

Despite the title being curious, it fits in perfectly with the essence of the film. Saga scientist Van Helsing made his greatest invention: the monster ray. Due to this demons become humans and humans become demons. So far, so good. Or not. Because invention gets out of control and things go beyond expectation.

That’s when the protagonist Drake becomes a human and Johnny, the mob man, becomes a monster. Of course, in this exchange, several scenes will make the kids laugh, in which the demons turn into humans and go down paths we can’t even imagine. It’s also interesting to see Drake exploring “ordinary” life. Enjoying the sunshine, enjoying the grass and going through the dilemmas that man goes through. There was a hook for good character building, but the opportunity is wasted.

However, while the experience of changing roles is interesting, the topic goes beyond problem solving. Drake and Johnny must travel to Latin America to find a solution to the scientist’s broken machine. And there the prejudices and misconceptions begin to show up. Anyone who wants to enjoy the movie can’t see the details.

Apparently, they come to Brazil. However, this is a Brazilian who speaks Spanish and has street animals. Civilization is far from where they are and populations in a zoo are seen as animals. The exact location has not been identified, but a previous search could have been made. Unlike Encanto or Viva, Vida is a party, this movie can happen anywhere and it would have been better if it really only focused on the United States.

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Hotel Transylvania: Transformonstrao is a show of illusions

The artist also leaves a lot to be desired. So far, it’s not Andy Samberg’s most outstanding role, nor Selena Gomez’s. The voice acting is somewhat robotic, without much emotion. The script doesn’t help either. It takes time for the scenes to unfold. The first, on the anniversary of the hotel, is over ten minutes long. In a film of just over an hour, that’s a lot of time. Meanwhile, events are hasty and poorly developed. It seems the resolution needs to be quick without any worries or whims. It was below average for a telefilm, which would be a cinematographic work.

Hotel Transylvania: Transformerstron is the weakest film in the franchise and has hazy resolutions. But it has the colors and elements of the Hotel Transylvania saga. If you’ve seen and liked the first three, close the franchise.

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