Biles talks about her sentiment: “I’m still scared of gymnastics”. artistic Gymnastics

Biles talks about her sentiment: “I’m still scared of gymnastics”.  artistic Gymnastics

Simone Biles still doesn’t feel safe to return to practicing artistic gymnastics. The veteran gymnast has confessed on an American TV show that she still hasn’t recovered from the psychological crisis she suffered at the Tokyo Olympics. Biles was shaken during the interview and made it clear that she still doesn’t feel safe practicing the sport.

I’m still afraid of gymnastics

— Simone Biles

Simone Biles during the gymnastics final. Photo: Reuters/Mike Blake

Olympic champions in Rio 2016 were unable to repeat the result at Tokyo 2020. Simone was kicked out of several competitions due to a psychological crisis called “twisties”.

This phenomenon is more common than it seems in the world of artistic gymnastics. In this, the gymnast loses track of her movements while in the air and becomes completely disoriented. The situation poses risks to athletes, who do not know where and how they will land.

– Not being able to do something that I’ve always done, because everything I’m doing is just too crazy, because I love this game so much. – said Bill, holding back tears

Simone also admitted that she could only create her “signature” elements, which were created by her. She feels “heavy” when it comes to other stunts and knows she can’t do it like other gymnasts.

Biles is currently one of the gymnast’s spokesmen facing trial against Larry Nassar, a former doctor on the American artistic gymnastics team. Athletes along with Simone claim that Nasser has been physically, sexually and morally abused over the years. In all, more than 250 women and girls have accused the former doctor of similar issues.

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