Binance Increases Cryptocurrency and Blockchain Awareness Among Indian Investors

Binance Increases Cryptocurrency and Blockchain Awareness Among Indian Investors

Cryptocurrency exchange Binance has announced the parallel launch of three major educational initiatives to accelerate the education of Indian investors and students about the cryptocurrency and blockchain ecosystem.

Recognizing the importance of investor awareness about cryptocurrencies and blockchain, Binance highlighted that Indian regulators and policymakers cite a lack of education as an area of ​​concern, which is currently driving cryptocurrencies widely. hinders adoption.

Primarily targeting student demographics in India, one of three educational initiatives launched by Binance includes launching the “Blockchain for Good” idea, a solution to make cryptocurrencies more accessible and inclusive for university students. There is a platform to come along.

Binance has partnered with Indian crypto influencers and educators, including Neha Nagar, Aditya Saini and Kashif Raza, to host a free webinar called Crypto for All on May 1, dispelling myths related to blockchain and is cryptocurrency.

“In addition to providing all participants with certificates issued by the Binance NFT blockchain, selected winners will receive great freebies in Bitcoin and Binance Coin (BNB).

Speaking to Cointelegraph about the Indian scenario, Bitining founder Kashif Raza revealed that “the main obstacle in the current crypto education system is that there are not enough platforms that provide education in a streamlined manner.” He also highlighted the need to present educational information in multiple languages ​​to serve the vast Indian population.

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Binance’s third initiative is the recently launched Learn and Earn program, which allows users to earn cryptocurrency while learning about cryptocurrencies and the blockchain ecosystem. A longtime cryptocurrency educator in India, Raza highlighted the role of Binance Academy in keeping up to date with the latest educational information.

Highlighting the untapped opportunity to educate young audiences in India, Leon Phung, Head of APAC at Binance, said:

“We hope to create the right incentives for users to conduct more in-depth research and make more informed investment decisions.”

The cryptocurrency exchange has partnered with one of India’s leading universities, the Indian Institute of Technology Delhi (IIT Delhi), to showcase use cases including non-fungible token (NFT) tickets and certificates, as part of its Rendezvous cultural festival. as the main sponsor. ), tokenization, and Proof of Presence Protocol (PoAP).

In a final note, Raza recommended that Indians educate themselves about the cryptocurrency ecosystem before investing:

“Learn first and then think about winning. Web3> crypto and one should understand the underlying technology and also try to make a career in it.”

Despite the upside on some levels, India’s decision to impose heavy taxes on cryptocurrency investors has brought some clarity to the government’s stance towards the developing ecosystem.

In early April, Coinbase Ventures, an investment arm of cryptocurrency exchange American Coinbase held an individual pitching event in Bangalore, India, with plans to invest $1 million in various Indian cryptocurrencies and Web3 initiatives.

In partnership with Buyer’s Tribe, Coinbase CEO Brian Armstrong revealed that the company aims to harness India’s software talent and help accelerate India’s economic and financial inclusion goals. Speaking to Cointelegraph about the impact of the new tax law on attracting foreign investment, Buddlers Tribe co-founder Parin Lathia said:

“The tax law is just a positive step. It’s a paradigm shift, and the rules will be updated.”

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