Cupid for exhibition with 3D model at the Australian Museum

Cupid for exhibition with 3D model at the Australian Museum

Hey Studio MDHR Announced on Tuesday (13) Valve There will be an exhibition at the Australian Center for the Moving Image (ACMI), the National Museum of Australia focuses on moving images, which is based in Melbourne.

The exhibition will feature 100 three-dimensional models and will be done in the style of “Zootrop”, a type of art installation that uses rotation and strobe light to reproduce the movement of animation.

In the video below it is possible to examine some of the art being exposed in the museum. They show Xicrinho, Caneco, Rei Dado, Miss. Chalisa and Devil.

It is not yet known when the exhibition will be open for visits, but the studio has already announced that it will be available “for the next decade”. More information is available click here.

Valve There are plans to expand by 2021, which will be missed. Chalisa as a playful character and will end the story of Xicrinho and Caneco.

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