Bitcoin (BTC) hash rate rises again • CoinColic

Bitcoin (BTC) hash rate rises again • CoinColic

The hash rate, which has fallen drastically due to pressure from China on bitcoin (BTC) miners, is starting to rise again.

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The bitcoin hash rate has declined as China ordered companies that run mining operations to cease operations. However, after the miners resumed their activities, the hash rate also increased.

China, which previously pressured fossil fuel-fired facilities, eventually ordered the closure of all mining operations.

Bitcoin’s hash rate fell by 40% after miners shut down their operations. In addition to Miami and Florida, Russia and El Salvador have attempted to attract bitcoin miners leaving China. However, some miners preferred Asian countries as BIT Mining opened a store in Kazakhstan.

With the resumption of operations by the miners, there has been a significant increase in the hash rate. Currently, the seven-day Bitcoin hash rate moving average sits at 114 exhash per second (EH/s). This shows that a higher hash rate has been reached than in November 2020.

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