Bittencourt Group and Instituto Capitalismo Consciente Launch a Movement of Good Practices for Franchising – Small Business Large Business

Bittencourt Group and Instituto Capitalismo Consciente Launch a Movement of Good Practices for Franchising - Small Business Large Business

This Thursday, February 24, an agreement was signed between Bittancourt Group this is Conscious Capitalism Institute Brazil to start the movement aware franchisee, The initiative aims to promote good business practices among networks franchisor and consequently disseminate information to suppliers and franchisees. PEGN There was early access to the details.

Claudia Bittancourt, Founding Partner of Grupo Bittancourt, Daniela Garcia, Director of Operations and Associations of Instituto Capitalismo Conscient Brasil, Liana Bittancourt, CEO of Grupo Bittancourt and Hugo Bethlem, President of Instituto Capitalismo Conscient Brasil (Photo: Disclosure)

With the seal, the Bittencourt Group is now authorized to conduct diagnostics and replicate the methodology jointly developed with the institution in networks interested in obtaining the Conscious Franchising seal. The launch event for the brands is expected next day April 5in Sao Paulo.

Hugo BethlemThe co-founder and current president of the Institut Capitalismo Conscient Brasil, explains that Conscious Franchising is a part of the pillars (conscious leadership, greater purpose, stakeholder orientation and conscious culture) defended by the movement, which originated in the United States.

combating inequality, inclusion, Diversityand the principles of the cyclical economy, among others, are in focus. “We believe that a business is good when it creates value. It is ethical when it is based on voluntary exchange. It is great when it elevates our existence, and it is heroic when it lifts people out of poverty.” brings out, distributes prosperity,” he says.

Claudia Bittencourtfounding partner of Bittancourt GroupSays looking for a platform that helps in dissemination of good practices franchising This was an old goal. “We want to show the practical consequences of not caring for the franchisor’s investing partner in our brand, not giving him the conditions to care about the business and environment in which he is inserted. We attest to the principles and practices of conscious capitalism. Conscious in all aspects see a way to improve the performance of the franchisor.”

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Grupo Bittencourt and the Instituto Capitalismo Consciente Brasil worked together to create a methodology for taking the movement to franchisors. Interested companies go through a diagnosis that will gather insights from employees, leaders, partners, founders and other stakeholders. To gain access to certification, the franchisor needs to complete 80% of the action plan – and have a plan in place for completing the remaining 20%.

“More than anything, franchisors need to keep in mind that certification is not a destination, but an evolutionary journey, one that pauses to stop and continue,” says Bethlem. The revalidation of certification will be repeated in a period yet to be defined. He also says that the movement is not a “club of the right companies”, but a place of exchange of ideas with the aim of seeking continuous improvement.

Currently, the Instituto Capitalismo Consciente Brasil has 3,800 ambassadors of conscientious capitalism in the country, companies that are unproven but capable of increasing knowledge, and have issued 160 certifications in all areas of business. Franchisees who already have the seal can also apply for obtaining Conscious Franchising or vice versa.

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