Black Friday Airpods Deals: Standard Airpods are priced at $ 110, Airpods are priced at 200 (ਾਕ 170 out of stock)

Black Friday Airpods Deals: Standard Airpods are priced at $ 110, Airpods are priced at 200 (ਾਕ 170 out of stock)

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Black friday Officially over, but deals are pending. Not surprisingly, Apple’s AirPods have become popular, with very little discount and a limited supply.

A small supply does not mean that it is gone. If you are anything like CNET’s dedicated deal-checkers, you need a good pair of headphones to listen to music or podcasts while you deal. We’re still seeing both AirPods and AirPods that are at or near their lowest prices ever – but have started selling later. See full details below.

Price of AirPod 2020


Apple Store Price

Best price at the moment

Best Price (All Time)

Airpods Pro

9 249

$ 200

9 169


9 159


$ 99

Airpod with wireless charging case

$ 199

$ 140

$ 140

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Sara Tev / CNET

As of last Wednesday, Walmart had slashed the price of AirPods to 169 – and immediately went out of stock. Amazon has effectively matched that ($ 170), but it’s out of stock there too. They’re currently at ਬਾ 200 on Best Buy – which is still ਅਧੀਨ 49 under the regular Apple Store price – but at least they’re in stock. Read our AirPod Pro review.

Walmart strengthened AirPods to $ 99, strengthening Black Friday’s early sales game – the lowest price ever. Which was matched by Amazon and (with membership) Costco And Sam’s Club. That special deal is over for now, but you can get the AirPod for P110 now. Purchased today if arrives December 7. Read our AirPod review.

Sara Tev / CNET

Personally, I would either get cheaper AirPods or AirPods Pro. But if you’re really a zealot for wireless charging, know that you can get a standard AirPod with a wireless charging case for $ 140, which is a saving of ਬਚ 59 compared to the Apple Store price. Purchased today if arrives December 7.

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