Black Ops Cold War PC ਤੱਕ is up to 250 GB on Eurogamernet

Black Ops Cold War PC ਤੱਕ is up to 250 GB on Eurogamernet

Call of Duty: Black Ups takes up up to 250 GB of drive space on a PC during the Cold War launch. The activity has been confirmed.

That’s if you want to set up a full game running on Ultra RTX specifications. This means running the game at high fps in 4K resolution with ray tracing.

Play the game at any lower specification, and you’re looking at 175GB of drive space.

However, you can only install multiplayer. If you do this, you will need 50 GB of space. Then you won’t have immediate access to campaigns or zombies.

Call of Duty 2019: Modern Warfare recently added a mod-specific uninstall option to the PC – although you must have the free-to-download Battle Royale Warzone. In doing so, I managed to get a modern battle from 231GB to 168GB.

The 250 GB Black Ops is a huge installation mark for Cold War, and it follows the long-standing critique of Call of Duty: The Size of Modern Warfare. Activision has yet to say how much satisfaction Black Ops will have with the Cold War.

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And of course, it’s worth noting that Black Ops Cold War installation requirements may increase over time as updates are released. This is exactly what happened with Modern Warfare.

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