Blind Spot is canceled on Netflix

Ponto Cego será encerrada

blind spot Has been canceled, but will win a fifth season

Since it debuted in the United States in 2015 and, in turn, launched on Netflix in 2016, Ponto is one of the most liked series by Sego fans. However, for those who watched it on TV, as well as those who watched it via Netflix, it was disappointing news.

In fact, Ponto Sego was officially canceled, and it ended forever. At the moment, the final season is not yet available on Netflix, but it should happen soon. The news fell like a blast to fans, but the series was already suffering from a massive audience drop.

Manufacturers cite cancellation

In an interview with Deadline, Martin Gero commented on the series’ controversial finale. Although, many point out that the reason for the drop in viewership in the last few months is the end of production, the producer said that everything was planned to be at the ‘right time’.

Gero said that the series has gone through ups and downs, despite it has always been able to strengthen itself. However, goodbye was practically unavoidable. In the interview, the producer said:

“Ponto Sego was always seen as a series that required an end. Each season, we try to treat it as if it were a novel in a series of books.” “Types of Sight Change and despite having an important role, the tattoo did not do the plot. There were other matters besides the main focus. “

In addition, the producers stated that the shorter season than Blindspot led to the rise of the play. “In every episode, the stakes are high for him personally. We took advantage of having fewer episodes to record the story more quickly. “

“But this is everything I’ve ever thought. Originally, there were five seasons for this plan series as well. At least, I knew that, coming this far, we would play this character. It’s all over. Season is a celebration of everything that has always been there ”- Zero Poori.

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The most dramatic weather of all

In addition to the above statements, Gero stated that this is an opportunity for the Ponto Sego team. A large range of returning stars. According to the producer, practically all the stars of the series that we love are in the final episode.

However, the last season has also undergone a major change. The main reason is the deaths of the characters that would make no sense if the series was not ending. “It’s a very dramatic season, with a lot of ups and downs, but we still have our incredible fun.”

The producers went so far as to say that fans would not be disappointed with the outcome of the story. “I want to see what people will think of this final episode. It is an incredible thing that, it took a year for this to happen. To be honest, I am thrilled with what we have done. “

Season 5 premieres soon on Netflix

Blind spot will be closed

The fifth and final season of Ponto Sego is one of the most awaited productions by Netflix’s subscribers. However, the wait of the year on Netflix should not be long. Initially, it is expected that the Brazil list will start between May and June.

For Plot, the previous season of Blindspot would be a major problem to solve. The fifth season comes a few months after the fourth season is over. During the last episode, Jane, Weller, and the rest of the FBI team agreed to a plan called Project Helios.

Soon after the team found a cabin, several medlin drones ordered a drone attack on the spot. That way, there was still a missile hit and Reid, Zapata, Weller and Patterson.

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The first four seasons of Ponto Sego are available on Netflix. Watch the trailer of the season:

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