Blizzard announces new Overwatch character names

Blizzard announces new Overwatch character names

Blizzard has been facing a number of controversies in recent months, one of which was the announcement that the character Jesse McCree would be given a new name. That’s because the name bears a resemblance to a former Blizzard designer involved in a lawsuit filed against the company over sexual harassment and masculine culture.

This Friday afternoon (22), Blizzard published on their official Twitter profile that the change to Jesse McCree’s new name will take place next Tuesday (26). The character will now be called Cole Cassidy.

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When announcing the decision to change the character’s name, the development team stated that it would encourage company employees to refrain from honoring names in game characters, and from that point forward, be more careful when inserting real-life references into Overwatch. Stay.

What did you think about choosing a new name for the character? Tell us there in the comments!

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