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Bold type It debuted on Netflix in May, becoming one of the main titles of the month, although, prior to its availability, only a few knew about the series. Counting with a total of four seasons, the series has already reached the canceled Netflix.

This is because Channel Freeform, the creator of the series, decided to end the plot and, with this, fans were saddened to learn that, just one more season of the sweet series would reach the catalog.

Fans of the series will end

fifth season of fifth Bold type Just started in the United States. The first episode was shown on Freeform on 26 May. Although the series does not yet have a fixed start date in the Netflix catalog in Brazil, customers already know they will have to settle for the end of production.

Unfortunately, the channel determined that Bold type It will also end later this year. But, why would the series end, because it has so much potential? Well, we answer here.

The series has a large fan base, eventually, reaching its fifth year. But, the news of the series’ renewal for the fifth season shocked production fans as well. However, this news came with a big hit, unlike the other seasons of the series, which numbered 10 to 14 episodes, the previous season would have only 4 episodes.

In fact, Freeform confirmed just one more year of the series, so that the plot was not left open. However, it was at this time that the series reached Brazil, gaining another large fan base.

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The reason is not revealed

Image: Disclosure / Freeform

Freeform did not confirm the exact reason he was leading Bold type Cancellation. Actually, most channels do not inform fans about this. However, it was already known to everyone that the storyline with viewers on the channel.

The TV series Finale website reported that the series saw a 32% drop in viewership compared to the third to fourth seasons. However, it was never clear that this decline was most responsible for the end of the series.

In announcing the cancellation, Tara Duncan, the president of the channel, said: Bold type Freeform defines the brand. The way the characters rely on each other to overcome the complexities of modern life has been exciting and fun. “

“This is one of my favorite shows and I am proud to give this series a farewell to Wendy [Straker Hauser, a produtora], Incredible cast and crew, and dear fan deserve it. – Complete Duncan.

Actresses canceled mourning

Apparently, the series ‘cast seems to have surprised the series’ cast as well. One of the most exciting reports was made by actress Katie Stevens. The woman posted a picture next to her fellow cast members, Ayesha D and Meghan Fahy and said:

“Last night, I cried a lot when we finished our last scene shooting Jane’s apartment. It’s been a place that has felt like a real home for me for the past five seasons and so many memories, Full of emotions, learning experiences and magical moments that I will never forget. “, The actress concluded.

5th season on Netflix

Coming on Netflix in May with its four seasons, Bold type Quickly reached the top 10. The fifth and final season of the series will reach the streaming catalog in the coming months. However, the exact date has not been revealed yet.

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In turn, the final year of the series will be with three young women looking to define who they really are and what is the best way to make their mark in the world. Their future is bright and their love and support for each other will never change.

The channel revealed the first minutes of the fifth season to be watched. Check it out below:

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