Bold Type: Is this Netflix series worth watching? (Fragile)

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Four years after its debut in the United States, the series Bold type It finally made its debut in the Netflix catalog. 4 full seasons were made available by the streaming platform and the episodes have already debuted in the top 10 most viewed titles in Brazil. Commonly known as “gossip Girl For young adults ”, the comedy has already attracted the attention of many viewers.

The series follows three friends who live in New York – the most cliché recipe for success. Although it does not neglect the classics that make romantic comedy so appealing to fans of the genre, the series innovates by incorporating extremely relevant themes in a light context, almost without the viewer discovering the subject. Used to be.

But, is this show really worth watching? This is what we are going to find out today!

(Source: Netflix / Disclosure)(Source: Netflix / Disclosure)Source: Netflix

Bold Type is the perfect comedy for those looking for a light series for a marathon

The series follows three young people: Jane (Katie Stevens), Kat (Aisha D) and Sutton (Meghan Fehey). Jane has been a fan of Scarlett magazine since she was a little girl and secured her dream job as a copywriter. Meanwhile, Kat is the director of social media magazine and a strong woman who always strives for her goals. All this while dealing with her personal problems, as she recently discovered that she is a lesbian and is in love with Adena (Nikohl Boheri).

Finally, we have one of the magazine’s stylists, Suleton, Oliver’s assistant (Stephen Conrad Moore). She secretly dates one of the members of Scarlett’s board of directors and creates hours of intense work to win her place in fashion.

In addition to the main trio, the series also has a similar, much bowler, version of Miranda Prisley, immortalized by Meryl Streep. the devil Wears Prada. The editor-in-chief of Scarlett magazine is Jacqueline (Melora Hardin) and is responsible for putting a masculine look into Scarlett’s guidelines. The set of all these fascinating characters is undoubtedly the biggest reason to watch Bold type.

(Source: Netflix / Disclosure)(Source: Netflix / Disclosure)Source: Netflix

The balance between love, personal and professional life is a recurring plot in the series and brings very familiar features of the great romantic comedy classics. Make no mistake, however: While Jane, Kat, and Sutton’s adventures address topics featuring young adults, they also take the opportunity to take on social problems in a very light and natural way.

Throughout the series, comedy and drama come together to address racism, gender differences, political situations and more. With this, human and social aspects are linked together, at the same time, to please the public and to bring up very relevant issues.

If you’re looking for a series to marathon smoothly, fall in love with a good laugh and engaging characters, Bold type This may be what you were looking for. So, to summarize: Yes, it is very worthwhile to check out the Netflix series!

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