Bolsonaro invites followers to Parlar, social network suspended by Google – 01/09/2021

Bolsonaro invites followers to Parlar, social network suspended by Google - 01/09/2021

President Jair Bolsonaro (Without Party) invited its Instagram followers to join social network Parlar, who was suspended from the platform yesterday Google. The application is used by right-wing and conservative groups that support the US president Donald Trump. Social network Facilitates the circulation of fake news.

In a post on Saturday morning (9), Bolsonaro’s Instagram account invited supporters to sign up for the parlor. The application was suspended Google said in a statement, “until it resolves issues that violate its policies,” which includes users reporting threats to elected officials and plans to hold on Wednesday’s march, which will be held on the Capitol Ended with an invasion.

a Apple threatened Remove the application from your online store if the application does not change your moderation policies.

Since the President and his children last year Eat at parler. The application is similar to Twitter, but with less regulation of usage policies. There is less restraint on content that is aggressive and without fact-checking.

This saturday, deputy Eduardo Bolsonaro (PSL-SP) wrote on Facebook that President Trump “will make a major announcement. He is also studying the possibility of building his own social networking platform”.

Trump encouraged the act to attack the US Congress this week and was banned from Twitter. Hey Facebook And Instagram also removed the chairman because he alleged without proof that the elections were rigged. He was defeated Joe Biden, Who will take office on January 20.

for Reduce the punishment, Used an account of the president named @ POTUS to write followers on an alternative platform. However, the messages were immediately deleted by the platform.

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Criticism of Vajangarten

The head of SICOM (Special Secretariat of Communications), Fabio Wagengarten, spoke on his Twitter account about the ban on Trump, saying it was “contradictory and unacceptable”.

Brazil’s foreign minister, Ernesto Arazzo, warned that he would open an account with Parler. Earlier, on Twitter, He spoke of “freedom of speech”Reproducing excerpts from the Universal Declaration of Human Rights.

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