Bolsonaro promotes ex-candidates at rival Harvard

Rivais de Bolsonaro aproveitam evento em Harvard para promover pré-candidaturas

Criticism of President Jair Bolsonaro’s government abounds in debate with ex-candidates for the Presidency during the Brazil Conference, an event of meetings and lectures organized by Brazilian students from Harvard University in the United States and the Institute of Massachusetts, in Boston. Technology (MIT).

The president or any representative of his administration was not called to debate the current moment in the country, but his main opponents in the electoral controversy took advantage of the event’s visibility – sponsored by large companies and the participation of journalists, activists, ministers. with the Federal Supreme Court (STF)) and entrepreneurs – to protect their names.

In the first to question, on Saturday, former judge Sergio Moro (Unio Brasil) appealed to the private sector and civil society to support a “third way” candidate, against Bolsonaro’s re-election and the former’s return to the plateau. . -President Luiz Inácio Lula da Silva.

“If you have four more years with some of these extremes, four more years are lost and there is progressive institutional degeneration. So, this is the moment Brazilians have to stand up and discuss what they want to do with the future. Which country do you want to play for”, he said. He later added that he was the most competitive name and, therefore, should have “a significant partnership”.

Representing Lula, Senator Jacques Wagner (PT-BA) praised the alliance with the ex-governor of So Paulo Geraldo Alcamin (PSB), which was described by him as a “message that the former president” Junction” intends to form the government. , He then stated that the PT and the PSDB, Alkamin’s former party, are not “opponents”. “We have differences, but PT and PSDB, when they were born, were born with social agendas”, PT said.

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“We are experiencing a moment similar to the Diretas Já movement. The breakdown of institutionalism, the constant threats to the STF, the press, the attempts to threaten the ideology of the Ministry of Culture, Education took Brazil to a level we never had , of international mistrust. We need to realize without prejudice that a government of unity or national unity is needed. President Lula’s invitation to Alkamin was not an invitation for extras on the ticket”, Jacques Wagner said.

Simone Tebate (MDB) in turn said this Sunday that Moro is out of contention. “He is not one of the candidates. The former candidate of Unio Brasil is Luciano Bivar”, said the senator. He later said that a candidate from a “democratic centre” simply does not score well in an election because it still has “no face, no name, no surname”. “I feel ready to lead this movement.”

With a pivotal role in the Covid CPI, he lamented that the government’s handling of the pandemic has declined. “We have a government that clearly lies, takes advantage of a social network that has no face, no voice, in the sense of not taking responsibility, and from there turning the lie into truth.” It is up to us, in a civilian mission for all, to fight this.”

Ciro Gomes (PDT) shoots Moro, Bolsonaro and Lula. He called the former judge an “enemy of the republic”, the president a “big outlaw” and suggested that the PT acted like a “duckling” in defending the right of all women to abortion. For them the country has adopted the same economic model since the government of former President Fernando Henrique Cardoso.

“Bolsonaro is affiliated with the party of Valdemar Costa Neto (PL), which Lula gave to the DNIT for stealing and was convicted and imprisoned in a monthly allowance. And I was with Collar and Fernando Henrique. Roberto Jefferson, who is under house arrest for defending Bolsonaro, was the guy Lula gave the post office to steal and explode in the monthly allowance scam. This is our story,” he said.

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“(Heinrich) Meirels, who is not an outlaw, but the author of the wrong economic model, was the inventor of the spending limit, the minister of Lula, the minister of (Michel) Temer and the secretary of the fizer of (Joo) Doria. There is a political and economic model that creates crises. And if we don’t understand this, we will perpetuate these crises to the extent of breaking. That’s why I am the candidate.”

Former Sao Paulo governor Joao Doria, who was also informed on Sunday, promised to move forward with administrative and tax reforms. “We will not have Ipiranga Post. Especially because Ipiranga Post went bankrupt, it went bankrupt quickly,” he said, criticizing Economy Minister Paulo Guedes, who was unable to approve these reforms.

“We are going to move forward in tax reform, in administrative reform, which this government did not dare to do. He chose the easiest route, which was to hand over the government to the centrao. What was criticized in the 2018 elections was the cowardice and weak attitude of a leaderless government that accepted that breaking the spending cap was possible, when it should be condemned,” Doria said.

Also invited to speak at the event was former Rio Grande governor do Sul Eduardo Leite, who is trying to qualify as a running presidential candidate outside the PSDB, with a small participation – he Participated in more technical debates with many others. Negotiator about how to promote economic growth. At first, when asked about his intentions to run for president, he replied: “I’m on the runway for business.”

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He then advocated a tax reform that would reduce economic inequality.

STF ministers also criticized the government

Businessman and billionaire Jorge Paulo Layman, a notorious funder of scholarships for Brazilians in the US, told the event that in 2023 “we will have a new president”, betting on Bolsonaro’s defeat. Without mentioning the president’s name, STF ministers Luis Roberto Barroso and Ricardo Lewandowski also opened fire on the government.

The first denounced a “state of denial” in relation to the pandemic, a 2020 demonstration in front of army headquarters praising the military regime, “baseless” questioning of electronic voting machines, in addition to Bolsonaro’s speech on September 7, that he was minister may fail to abide by the decisions of Alexandre de Moraes.

“We need a critical understanding that bad things are happening, but we don’t need to underestimate the enemy. We are a democracy. Evil exists and we need to face it, but evil is nothing more than good could,” Barroso said.

Lewandowski focused his lecture on praising STF’s role in the pandemic. “The Supreme Court, in a moment of paralysis of public officials, pointed to ways by the federal government and states and municipalities to prevent the health crisis from attaining even greater proportions in the event of a pandemic”, he said. ,

On Saturday, former President Michel Temer defended the third-party candidacy, predicting that if either Lula or Bolsonaro are elected, fresh impeachment requests would emerge at the start of a new term in 2023.

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