Bolsonaro will travel to the United States this Sunday for the 76th United Nations General Assembly. Policy

Bolsonaro will travel to the United States this Sunday for the 76th United Nations General Assembly.  Policy

President Jair Bolsonaro will leave for New York this Sunday (the 19th), where he will once again personally attend the United Nations (UN) General Assembly. This will be Bolsonaro’s third speech at the event since taking office in 2019.

The opening of the general debate between heads of state and heads of government is scheduled for next Tuesday (21). Since the 10th General Assembly, in 1955, the President of Brazil was not the first to speak on two occasions, in 1983 and 1984.

In 2020, the meeting was held in a virtual environment due to the COVID pandemic. For the first time in 75 years without a face-to-face meeting, world leaders sent in recorded videos that were broadcast during the meeting.

This time, the United Nations defined: hybrid format For the 76th edition of the General Assembly. In-person statements and others would be recorded – Bolsonaro opted to travel to New York.

Countries’ response to the pandemic and the need to preserve the environment should be on the agenda for this year’s General Assembly keynote speeches.

The official theme of the program released by the United Nations is: “Building Resilience through Hope – Recovering from COVID-19, Rebuilding Sustainability, Responding to the Needs of the Planet, Respecting People’s Rights and Revitalizing the United Nations.”

See below for information on recent climate change alerts by the United Nations-affiliated World Meteorological Organization:

UN World Meteorological Organization says pandemic has not slowed climate change

The president said he would have bilateral meetings in the United States and that the participation of Health Minister Marcelo Quiroga would be “very important”.

“I’m going to give the opening speech. A quiet speech, very purposeful, focusing on the points that interest us. It’s also a great stand for that, it serves as a stand, that thing. There is. We are going to show objectively what Brazil is, what we are doing on the issue of the pandemic, something that we are attacked all the time, as well as agribusiness, energy in Brazil”, broadcast I said the President.

With regard to the environment, Bolsonaro said he would use the speech to demonstrate against the thesis of a “time limit” for the demarcation of indigenous lands.

The Federal Supreme Court (STF) decides whether the criterion providing demarcation only for land occupied by indigenous peoples is valid as of the date the Constitution came into force on October 5, 1988.

“What should I say? Something along those lines. If the deadline is reversed, we will have to demarcate new indigenous territories, […] This will have a direct impact on the goods produced in rural areas, on rural goods, on agriculture and livestock. Production is going to be very less”, the President declared.

“We expect the Supreme Court to maintain this deadline in 1988 for the good of Brazil and also for the good of the world. People here in Brazil are pressing for a new deadline, that is, for the demarcation. Another The area is on par with the countries of Germany and Spain. It will also have an impact abroad,” the President said.

In addition to the Minister of Health, the Brazilian delegation should be:

  • Carlos Alberto Franca, Minister of Foreign Affairs;
  • Anderson Torres, Minister of Justice and Public Safety;
  • Paulo Guedes, Minister of Economy;
  • Joachim Leit, Minister of the Environment;
  • Gilson Machado, Minister of Tourism;
  • Luiz Eduardo Ramos, Chief of the General Secretariat of the Presidency;
  • Augusto Heleno, Chief of the Presidency’s Office of Institutional Security;
  • Eduardo Bolsonaro, Federal Deputy;
  • Flavio Rocha, Special Secretary for Strategic Affairs of the Presidency;
  • Nestor Forster, Ambassador of Brazil to the United States;
  • Ronaldo Costa Filho, Brazil’s Permanent Representative to the United Nations;
  • Pedro Guimaraes, President of Caixa Economica Federal;
  • Michele Bolsonaro, First Lady;
  • Rodrigo de Bittancourt Mudrovitch, special guest;
  • Paulo Angelo Legio Mattao, interpreter;
  • Claudia Chauvet, artist; I
  • Rachel Alves Bejera, interpreter.

past partnership

President Bolsonaro made his debut at the United Nations General Assembly in 2019. They talked about topics such as protection, sovereignty, socialism, foreign policy, indigenous populations, MERCOSUR and economic status of the Amazon.

Remember in the video below:

Bolsonaro opens UN General Assembly with offensive speech

Bolsonaro opens UN General Assembly with offensive speech

In 2020, Bolsonaro claimed that Brazil was a “victim” of a “brutal” propaganda campaign about the Amazon and the Pantanal.

The president also said that Brazil has the “best law” on the environment in the world and that the country respects the laws of conservation of nature. Check out the video below:

Bolsonaro addresses agricultural production and deforestation at UN summit

Bolsonaro addresses agricultural production and deforestation at UN summit

To them, the wealth of the Amazon inspires the criticism that the country faces in the environmental sector. The president said Brazilian and “traitorous” entities are joining international institutions to harm the country.

The President further said that:

  • The Amazon Forest is moist and catches fire only at the edges;
  • The people responsible for the burning are ‘Indians’ and ‘Caboclo’;
  • The oil spilled off the coast of Brazil in 2019 is Venezuela, was sold without control and reached the coast after a ‘criminal’ outbreak;
  • Guidelines for people to ‘almost’ stay at home in pandemic lead the country to ‘social chaos’;
  • Brazil is a Christian and conservative country, and ‘christophobia’ must be fought.

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