Boston Celtics idol Casey Jones died at age 88

Jones served on the Boston team for nine seasons and won eight titles, making him the third-biggest champion in NBA history

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a NBA Despite Christmas being the traditional day of sports controversy in the American League, this Christmas is mourning Basketball: Pramukh died at 88 Casey Jones, Who made history as a player and coach Boston Celtics. This information was confirmed by the Celtics, the team for which Jones worked for nine seasons and won eight titles, making him the third-biggest champion in history, with only two teammates: Bill Russell, who gained 11 rings , And Sam Jones, ten. His success as a player followed him throughout his basketball career, and Jones went on to win three more titles for Boston, one as assistant and two as franchise coaches in the 1980s, such as Larry Bird, Kevin McHale and Robert Walked out with names. Parish. Earlier, in 1972 he won the league as an assistant Los Angeles Lakers.

Incidentally, the death, the cause of which was not revealed, was confirmed on the 25th, a special number for ‘C’, also known as the former athlete. Achievements as a player were achieved with Celtic’s 25 jersey, which was retired by the franchise in 1967 and later became immortalized on the roof of TD Garden. He was also a two-time champion of the NCAA, the United States College Basketball Basketball League, which led the San Francisco Dons to retain No. 4 and win Olympic gold in 1956 in Melbourne. Hall da fama In the class of 2006.

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