Bragantino bets on surrender and feet on the ground to stay in the lead

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The leader of the Brazilian Championship with 17 points from seven matches. Unbeaten, with five wins and two draws. What’s the secret to Bragantino’s Serie A debut? After defeating Atletico-Go this Monday (28), coach Mauricio Barberi held a press conference and talked about at least three aspects that help explain Massa Bruta’s success.

First organized team with dedication of all players. “No doubt it’s an important brand, it’s something we’ve been discussing a lot about this potential for team solidarity, to help mark for all, strikes for all. To begin with, the team to be united. I think there is no doubt that we have got good results from the last matches”, highlighted the coach.

Another important aspect is home time. Mauricio Barberi is the second longest-serving coach in Serie A, behind only Serie A coach Guto Ferreira. The commander of Massa Bruta was hired in September 2020. Barberi highlighted the importance of retaining coaches in Brazilian football.

“I think, in my case in particular, it’s absurd for a coach who hasn’t been at the club for a year to be the second longest in the competition. It’s anomalies, anomalies, planning. demonstrates a series of lack and conviction that we are facing and this is extremely bad.First of all, to the Brazilian coaches, who are extremely capable and have the confidence and confidence they need to develop their job. There is no endorsement. In second place, for Brazilian football itself, because it means a decline in the quality of the game. I don’t think, in my case, it’s a brand to celebrate. Of course I’m with the company at the moment. Happy to have it, but I think the second longest survival with less than a year is worrying.

Even with a practically perfect campaign so far, Mauricio Barbieri missed something that many teams lack and lose in the middle of the championship: motivation, but their ability to stay on the ground. with feet. “I think the motivation is total. We’re at where all the teams would like to be. It’s still too early, the championship is just starting and I think the campaign we ran last season reflects that. is that there is still a lot of water to pass under the bridge. Of course, it is important to start this way, it gives us the points we need, in addition to the confidence. It gives us the fat, because the oscillations And we can get through the best possible turbulence. We keep our feet on the ground, with great humility and try hard to repeat this sequence for as long as possible.”.

Bragantino won four games played away from home in Serie A and opened four points ahead of Athletico-PR, in second place and with a game in hand. In the next round, Massa Bruta receives in the prophet Abi Chedid on Thursday (01/07) at 4 pm.

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