Branco, a four-time champion – makes a series of prayers via WhatsApp for the recovery of sports

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A prayer chain created by a WhatsApp group of four-time players in 94 was held last Friday at 6 pm, as another way to help Former athlete white To overcome the action of New coronavirus. The 56-year-old former player was hospitalized last week and had a deteriorating health, Need to intubate In a hospital south of Rio de Janeiro.

One of the four-time champions who are part of the series of prayers, former goalkeeper Gilmar Rinaldi is closely following the case. “I’m in direct contact Brazilian Football Confederation (CBF) And Dr. Jorge Pagura updates me daily. Then, I finish everything in my WhatsApp group. We have already made a series of prayers between us, each within their own religion and beliefs “, said the goalkeeper who was the roommate of the former defender 94 World Cup.

White’s partner in two World Cups (Italy in 90 and the United States in 94) Jorginho is also part of the four-time champion’s WHAT group and is attentive to the former player’s health condition. “On Friday (19), at 18, we all prayed for him,” the ex-right said.

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Another group from WhatsApp that represents the victorious phase of Branco’s career also closely follows the former athlete’s position. It is a “group of three”, formed by the players Fluminense Who was the state champion between 1983 and 1985. Former defender Duilio, one of the members of this group, said that he had received news of Brenco’s hospitalization. cause, Recently René Weber died, Victimized by Kovid-19 in December 2020, reserved in the carioca squad.

“It was very difficult to assimilate that Branco had contracted Kovid and was very bad in the hospital. We had this feeling with the loss of René. We were powerless, unable to do anything. With Branco, this news. Was not good from the start., But it seems that now, by the grace of God, and with everyone’s prayers (personally), White is beginning to react to the healing.

For the ex-defender, the winner resumed what Branko performed during his time, a player who would speak loudly in this delicate moment. He said, “The prayer is intensifying. I hope it is what it is. I trust his return so that we can again win with him in the Brazil team.”

Duelio also recalled the friend’s early career. Together, they Flamengo And 84 were two-time state champions. The same year, he also won Brazil in a final over Vasco. Duelio said, “It was very easy to play with Branco. He reached the top team with Ricardo Gomes and always kept his personality going. He knew that he was really an ace. Our relationship has always been great.”


My question with Branko is very affectionate. In our group of three-time champions from Fluminense, sadness is total. We are living in a time of war


Deli, Former midfielder from Fluminense

Another member of the Laranjiras era who also spoke about the report of Estadou It was former midfielder Daly. He was angered by President Jair Bolsonaro’s action to combat the epidemic. “My question with Branco is very affectionate. In our group of three-time champions from Fluminense, sadness is total. We’re living in a moment of war and this guy (Bolsonaro) makes everything a political issue. What. The economic situation is complex.? Conditions.

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News from Jaco to Jaco Academy

other side of the world, Former player zico He is also following the news of his friend being hospitalized. Both defended the Brazilian team in the 86 World Cup and always maintained a friendly relationship. “Branco attended football games several times on Wednesday at my training center in Rio. He is a man I like very much. Apart from teammates, Branco also defended Flamengo”.

According to the former player, White’s rest with health contributed to the virus infection. “He relaxed a bit mainly on the issue of obesity. Friends warned him, but he didn’t listen. And the disease seems to be a lot of people who are in this situation. Now it’s praying and hoping Is how their life will be. ” The athlete may be able to resist these serious problems that a lot of people are having ”, commented Zico who is working as the football director of the Kashima Antlers.


He took little rest, mainly on the issue of obesity. Mutual friends warned him, but he did not listen


Wink, Kashima Antlers Football Director

Obesity is considered a risk factor for many diseases including Kovid-19. According to Health Ministry data, 20% of Brazil’s adults are obese and half the population is overweight.

Compared with reality here (there are more than 290 thousand deaths due to the epidemic in Brazil), Zico said that in Kashima Antlers, the work is based on strict controls regarding the prevention of coronovirus contamination. “It’s exaggerated, but important. Every day we take the temperature, answer a questionnaire, talk about where we went, who we were with, where we had dinner, if we Leave the area and we still have those masked things, alcohol prisons. Every employee in the club has total control. Last year we had only one case of a player, which was not very serious, “said Zico , Who turned 68 this month.

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Reference for WHO starting

In his first year as a professional, ex-goalkeeper Roger said he was fortunate to have White support on the pitch. “It was in 95, when we played together in Flamengo. He put some pressure on the youngsters and said that the responsibility for the results was with the experts. Not to pay attention to the fans. They never left my mind. Flameng Friborg And all of Branco’s preparations were attended with great attention. Apart from Romario, he was surrounded by the most fans “, the former goalkeeper commented.

Roger also said that the advanced lethal phase of the virus in Brazil has a lot to do with the federal government’s performance. “The government took a long time to get the vaccine. You see that the United States and other countries that are in context are far ahead of that. Here the vaccination campaign starts, then stops and starts again. We Don’t know when we are. Vaccinating a good part of the population to keep more peace. This moment is very fragile. Sao Paulo Between 1997 and 2005.

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