Brazil beat Chinese favorites in overtime and reach semifinals in goalball – 01/09/2021

Brazil beat Chinese favorites in overtime and reach semifinals in goalball - 01/09/2021

The Brazilian women’s goalball team achieved a remarkable victory to qualify for the semi-finals of the Tokyo Paralympics. By the quarter-finals this Wednesday, the team beat the Chinese favorite 1-0 thanks to a goal scored by Carol in overtime. Thus, the hunt for the Brazilian gold medal continues.

The victory over China was special as the Asians had won silver in the last three editions of the Paralympics, and in 2016, in Rio, they knocked out the Brazilian team in the semi-finals.

In addition, they finished first in their group with three wins and one loss in the quarter-finals. Brazil, on the other hand, had a shaky campaign, with losses to the United States and Turkey, a draw with Japan and only a win against Egypt in the final round. But his defense shone against China, paving the way for the semi-finals.

“We achieved the objective of climbing the move. Now we are focused on this semi-final to get a place for Brazil”, Carol observed in an interview with SportTV.

The team awaits the definition of the next opponent that will emerge from the confrontation between Russia and the United States, which will be played at 7:30 a.m. (GMT). It is at the same time that there is a duel for the semi-finals in Brazil this Thursday. The second game is already set for a place in the decision: Turkey v Japan.


Both teams explored the attack a lot, but had trouble opening the scoreboard. Jessica changed several plays and gave a lot of trouble to the Chinese work with two balls that went too close to the target.

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The Brazilian defense, played with Gaby, Carol and Jessica, was very consistent during the first half. With great concentration, the players did not let the Chinese attack dominate the net. And it was a goalless draw.

The second half started with a few goalscoring chances, but both the teams continued to defend with mastery. Jessica got off to a great start and created chances to score. The game between the two teams was very balanced in regular time, and the Brazilian team did their best. Paralympic From Tokyo, fighting for the standings. A goalless draw went into both halves and the duel went into overtime.


Overtime in goalball is expected to last six minutes with two halves of three. But the golden goal rule applies: whoever scores first wins. And the Brazilian team took advantage of that.

The first three minutes ended without a goal. In the second leg, after a penalty was awarded to the Brazilian side, Carol scored the winning goal, which propelled the team to the semi-finals, with much emotion. Now, the team continues its hunt for its first Paralympic medal, and in 2018 it was bronze at the Worlds.

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