Brazil closes air border with United Kingdom and over 24 December

Brazil closes air border with United Kingdom and over 24 December

The restrictions on flights to or from the United Kingdom, and the house arrest of the mayor removed from Rio, are some of the highlights of the morning of Marcelo Crivella (Republican) this Thursday, December 24, 2020.

Marcelo Crivella

The mayor, Marcello Crivella, removed from Rio de Janeiro, is already serving in his home. He came out of jail with a anklet last night.


The government of São Paulo and the Butanan Institute announced that Coronavac had reached the level of effectiveness required by Envisa and the World Health Organization (WHO). But the degree of effectiveness is not yet revealed by contractual issues with Cyanovac, a Chinese pharmaceutical company that produces immunity.

Brazil and United Kingdom

To the extent published in an additional version of Official diary of the union On Wednesday night, Brazil closed the air border with the United Kingdom and banned the entry of foreigners across land and water boundaries.

Chairmanship of the Chamber

The MDB National President Deputy Ballia Rossi was elected to his succession by Rodrigo Mia’s block headed by the Chamber of Deputies. Rossi will contest Progressiveus with Arthur Lira in February.


The Electric Bill Cheapest National Electric Energy Agency (ANIEL) will start in January, announcing that it will return with a yellow flag next month.

News bulletin

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