Epidemic generates burial lines at crematoriums in India – International

Epidemic generates burial lines at crematoriums in India – International
Cremation in India is complete (Photo: Puneet Paranjpe / AFP)

In ndia Immersed in a deadly wave of Kovid-19, cremation overflows and, are in Nova delhi, Corpses are lit in a parking lot.

India, the second most populous country on the planet after China, is the current epicenter of the epidemic, with localized versions still poorly recognized and unprecedented global records of infection.

On Monday, India set a world record of 352,991 people infected and a national record of 2,812 people in a single day. In this quarter, the country announced fewer deaths in 24 hours, 2,771, but is still at a higher level.

A reflection of this is the burning of dead bodies in a parking lot in New Delhi. “When the sun rose and the cremation continued even after midnight, we started,” said Sanjay, a priest.

The situation in India is “more than desperate”, having been declared director general of the World Health Organization (WHO), Tedros Adnom Ghebreyasus. The institution sent the necessary equipment to a country of 1.3 billion inhabitants.

Health professionals and family members of patients desperately seek oxygen, respirators and beds. In Nova Delhi, the country’s most affected metropolis, some travel to hospitals with rickshaws with their ailing relatives.

In addition to the aid promised by the United States, London has also promised supplies to its former colony, as well as Germany, France and Australia, while the European Union (EU) has promised to provide “aid”.

India’s first medical aid aircraft, with 100 British MPs and 95 oxygen concentrations, arrived in Delhi on Tuesday.

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Connect suspended sand

Hindu Nationalist Prime Minister’s Government Narendra Modi Criticized for its crisis management. At the executive’s request, Twitter suppressed dozens of important messages.

The Indian version of Kovid-19 still raises questions. The WHO emphasized that it still does not know whether the high mortality rate is due to the variant’s greater severity, an increase in cases or pressure on the health system by a combination of the two.

The already revealed version appeared in Belgium, Switzerland, Greece and Italy at a time when many European countries began loosening sanctions or are considering adopting the measure in the coming weeks.

To avoid proliferation, Australia on Tuesday decided to suspend flights from India until 15 May, following similar decisions in Canada, United Arab Emirates, United Kingdom and New Zealand.

Spain will now begin a ten-day quarantine for those coming from India from this Wednesday.

Belgium has announced the closure of its borders for travelers from India, Brazil and South Africa, countries that have registered other types of the virus, which have killed more than 3.1 million people worldwide since December 2019. .

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