Brazil confirms hegemony in women’s skate street in 2021

Brazil confirms hegemony in women’s skate street in 2021

The year 2021 proved to be the strength of Brazilian women and girls in the world of skateboarding. In the main international competitions of modus operandi and at the Olympics, where the sport attracted worldwide attention, Brazil had representatives on the podium and, in most disputes, with a green and yellow champion.

Three skaters who represented Brazil at the Olympics: Pamela Rosa, Raisa Leal and Leticia Bufoni, were the champions of the main tournament in the world of skateboarding.

back on top of pamela

The biggest proof of this came last Sunday (11/14), when 22-year-old Pamela Rosa of So Paulo was a two-time world champion in the sport at the Super Crown, an event that kicks off the calendar of street league skateboarding, the sport. The main event of the show, and which was played in the city of Jacksonville, Florida, United States.

Pamela won the award for the second time in a row, as she also took the title in contention in 2019 and equaled the feat of winner Lacey Baker in 2016 and 2017.

Significantly, the 2020 circuit was canceled due to the Kovid-19 epidemic. This year, the circuit finished in only three stages, and in every occasion Brazil had a representative in first place.

It is important to highlight that the title represents overcoming a

With consecutive wins, Raisa should dominate the circuit

After finishing the Olympics in second place, Resa Leal took the lead on the world circuit. Even taking second place at the Super Crown, closing a one-two with Pamela on the podium, the little skater just 13 years old, made it clear that she would be a longtime hero in the world of skateboarding.

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At the Salt Lake City and Lake Havasu stages, the younger skater achieved consistent and thrilling victories. Maneuvering on the last lap, Brazil won the title from two-time Olympic gold medalist Japanese Momiji Nishiya.

The maiden is showing steady growth and total domination of the Street League is only a matter of time for the Skate Fairy.

Leticia also guaranteed its achievements in 2021

Even without performing well at the Olympics and not being on any Street League podiums, Leticia Bufoni went on to win the title at the other two international championships, without the presence of Pamela and Raisa, who competed at skate parks. But affirms the power of Brazilian women. ,

Before moving to Tokyo, Bufony won an X-Games stage played in California. With the lap nearly complete, Brazil secured its sixth gold medal in the competition.

After the Olympics, it was Leticia’s turn to guarantee the title of the Red Bull Paris competition to be held in France. She won the triple final with Argentine Eugenia Ginepro and French Charlotte Haim.

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