Brazil ends the year in second place in the FIFA rankings; Belgium tops the list

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The Brazilian team ends 2021 in second place in the FIFA rankings, one place above the rankings that ended in 2020. In the list updated by the organization this Thursday, Brazil is only behind Belgium by 2.1 points. France Comes right behind, in third place.

This year’s latest ranking update has not changed from November’s top ranking list in November. Belgium still has the same 1828.45 points, while Brazil has 1826.35 points. The French, and away, display the same 1786.15 points they already had in last month’s update.

In a year in which he performed brilliantly in the South American qualifiers and secured his place in 2022 world cupIn Qatar, in advance, the Brazilian team took a place in the rankings. Tite’s team overtook France in the August update after starting the year in third place. Then it started going to Belgium.

The Belgian team topped for the fourth year in a row. Brazil tormented in the 2018 World Cup quarter-finals, the European team finished the World Cup in Russia in third place and have only risen in the rankings since then. As for next year’s cup, it is already considered one of the favorites for the title.

There is no change in the top 10 in the FIFA rankings. The lack of movement is explained by the small number of games played since the last ranking update on 19 November. The Arab Cup controversy resulted in only 58 matches in Qatar, mostly in Asia.

Due to the new FIFA competition, the biggest jump in the rankings to this fifth place was done by Indonesia, which exceeded the total by 11 points and reached 164th place. Tournament champions Algeria moved up to 29th place.

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In the year’s assessment, Italy and Argentina, ranked first, are the champions of this year’s Euro Cup and Copa America, respectively. The Italians finished 2020 in 10th place. They finish 2021 in sixth place. Argentina rose two places from the end of last year. They exchanged 5th for 7th.

When updating the rankings, FIFA released the final numbers for the season. And it highlighted a strong increase in the number of games in 2021 compared to 2020, when the Covid-19 pandemic crippled most of the calendar. In this season, 1,116 matches were played against only 352, the year being the lowest (323 matches) since 1987.

Check out the list of toppers in the FIFA rankings:

1st – Belgium – 1828.45 points

Second – Brazil – 1826.35

Third – France – 1786.15

Fourth – England – 1755.52

5th – Argentina – 1750.51

Sixth – Italy – 1740.77

7th – Spain – 1704.75

8th – Portugal – 1660.25

9th – Denmark – 1654.54

10th – Holland – 1653.73

11th – United States – 1,648.51

12th – Germany – 1648.33

13th – Switzerland – 1642.83

14th – Mexico – 1638.30

15th – Croatia – 1620.74

16th – Colombia – 1607.15

17th – Uruguay – 1596.66

18th – Sweden – 1588.26

19th – Wales – 1578.01

20′ – Senegal – 1561,68

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