Brazil has more Kovid-19 deaths than countries in Africa.

Brazil has more Kovid-19 deaths than countries in Africa.

While Brazil ranks second in the world ranking of lost lives, for example, South Africa is ranked 16th; Doctors assess that the situation should not be very different with the new and fourth Minister of Health.

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Brazil has already vaccinated 9.7 million people against Kovid-19, which corresponds to 4.7% of the population. According to statistics, the advance is smaller than the situation of the country in the world ranking of deaths due to the disease. Our world in data As of March 15, we were second only to the United States with more than 278 thousand lives, nearly double that.

From monitor analysis Worldometer, Brazil recorded an increase in daily average deaths in the last week, while other countries, such as the United Kingdom, Italy and India, reported a decrease or stagnation in the number of victims of the new coronovirus and its variants.

The same happens with the number of victims in South African countries of the African continent, for example, in the 16th position of the rankings, with about 51 thousand deaths and just over 6% of the vaccinated population. Although access to vaccination is a major problem, according to the WHO, countries are in a less important position than Brazil.

According to Zeze Menezes, a master in human pathology, the place occupied by Brazil in the rankings is the result of government action. “The country’s agenda does not meet the entire conditions of respect for measures given by science. The number of people trained in various scientific fields and who can monitor all of these through the use of technology, none of them are being used to control the situation that we are experiencing. “

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“Much of the behavior that the population sees in ignoring social isolation or wearing a mask is a reflection of the attitude of our head of state and is a criminal attitude”, the doctor says. In February 2020, since the onset of the epidemic in Brazil, President Jair Bolsonaro (no party) has shown himself to be contrary to the recommendations of the World Health Organization, questioning the use of masks and excluding agglomeromes recorded by the press.

Brazil changed health minister four times

The new minister to handle the portfolio of health in the federal government is cardiologist Marcelo Cueroga. Already familiar with President Bolsonaro’s family, Quiroga told the press that the equation to solve the epidemic depends on several types and that the disease requires more specific treatment.

Quiroga is the fourth minister to head the portfolio in the last one year. Heinrich Mandetta, after Nelson Teich, four months without any official charge and General Eduardo Pazuelo, who was said to have departed on Monday (15). The lives of black, quilbola and peripheral populations are considered to be the most exposed and vulnerable Epidemic onset.

Even with the possibility of change, according to Zeze, the number of deaths due to the disease in the country should not decrease. “It is almost impossible to change this agenda, we have already spent a year and watched the population die. The government does not aim to reduce this health emergency that we are experiencing ”, the doctor concluded.

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