Brazil has vaccines for only 65% ​​of the population

Brazil has vaccines for only 65% ​​of the population

There are vaccines against Brazil New coronavirus Vaccine only 65% ​​of your population, considering the dose only, with a contract signed by the Ministry of Health. The folder announced receipt of 275 million commentators, including those already distributed and implemented. Another 140 million will come with AstraZeneca and Synovac for “future purchases”, and another 161 million are still “in talks” doses.

According to a report by the newspaper O Globo, if the federal government-issued contracts with Pfizer, Janssen, Sputnik V and Modern come into existence, Brazil will be able to reach the 70% limit before the end of the year. The more optimistic scenario is also needed to confirm “future purchases” with holders of royalties for vaccines produced by the Oswaldo Cruise Foundation (Futurose) and the Butanon Institute, which begin in September.

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Since the beginning of the vaccination campaign against Kovid-19, on 17 January, Brazil has given its first dose of immunizer, on average, only 0.1% of its population per day. For example, Chillies and Americans have been vaccinated with at least one dose from that part of the population (0.26% and 0.22%, respectively). The United Kingdom has about four times (0.39%) of its population immunized per day, and Israel reached 0.77% of the vaccinated population per day.

As of last Friday (5), according to data from the State Health Secretariat obtained by the Press Vehicles Consortium, Brazil reached the 7,941,173 million vaccination mark. Is equal to 3.75% of the total population. Chile, which has the most advanced stage vaccination in Latin America, managed to apply at least one dose to 20.4% of its inhabitants. The United States has vaccinated 16.2%, the United Kingdom at 30.9% and Israel has already vaccinated 56%. All these countries started their operations about a month before Brazil.

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According to Epidemiologist and Vice President of the Sabine Institute, Denis Garrett, Brazil has substantial experience and structure that is even more agile in a scenario of dosages.

“Brazil succeeded in immunizing 80 million people in a campaign against influenza, in just three months. There are 38 thousand vaccination rooms across the country with trained professionals. What we are seeing is unacceptable. “There is a lack of experience and organization to deal with this type of campaign, which is really complicated.”

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