Brazil reaches 31.2 million vaccinations

Brazil reaches 31.2 million vaccinations

On this Thursday (29), Brazil crossed the 31.2 million mark against Kovid-19. So far, 31,208,111 Brazilians have received at least one dose immunizer against the disease, equivalent to 14.74% of the national population. The data are from the Press Media Association, of which Twitter Is based on information provided by the state health departments.

In the last 24 hours, 467,300 people in the country were given the first dose of the vaccine. Another 510,484 received a second dose in the same period.

To date, 15,132,178 Brazilians have received two doses of vaccination agents, recommended by laboratories responsible for the production of Coronavac and Oxford / AstraZeneca. This number is only 7.15% of the country’s population.

Rio Grande do Sul states that proportionally, the first dose was applied to most of its population: 19.53% of its inhabitants.

In terms of percentage, the state of São Paulo is the most vaccinated with a second dose: 9.14% of the local population.

Envisa shows documents and dialogues about Sputnik V

ENVISA (National Health Surveillance Agency) today justified its criticism and even Defamation suit threatened For Kovid-19 denied importation of vaccine against Sputnik V. Federal agency Show documents and even dialogues with representatives of the Russian Immunizer who supported his decision.

The board’s statement was broadcast on the government’s public TV and radio network. According to the agency’s president, Antonio Bara Torres, the agency did not act in a “false” or “immoral” manner to deny authorization for the import and use of the Sputnik v vaccine.

Anvisa, general manager of Medicine and Biological Products at Gustavo Mendes, emphasized that the vaccine documentation did not prove to be safe with regard to the presence of replication adenoviruses. “A vaccine has to be protected. A vaccine cannot harm,” he said.

Mendes also stated that the manufacturer of Sputnik V justified the non-replication of only one of the components of the type of immunizer, although the vaccine includes two.

Vehicles come together for information

In response to the government’s decision Jair Bolsonaro Originally working to obtain the necessary information directly to restrict access to data on Kovid-19 Pandemic, UOL, O Estado DS Paulo, Folha D. S. Paulo, O Globo, G1 and additional media outlets Formed a consortium. State Health Department of 27 units of the Federation.

The federal government, through the Ministry of Health, should have a natural source of these data, but officials and the president’s own perspectives during the epidemic call into question the availability of the data and its accuracy.

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