Brazil records 978 new deaths by Kovid-19 and passes a total of 231 thousand – 02/06/2021

US trade deficit widens to $ 68.1 billion in November - 01/07/2021

By Luciano Costa

SAO PAULO (Reuters) – Brazil on Saturday recorded 978 new deaths as a result of Kovid-19, bringing the total number of deaths from the disease to 231,012 points in the country, the Ministry of Health reported.

A total of 9,630 new cases were reported in the folder, which led to the confirmation of 9,497,795 total infections in Brazil.

Facing a new wave of Kovid-19, Brazil is the second country in the world in number of deaths from coronovirus, behind only the United States. In terms of case records, it ranks third below the United States and India.

The most affected state, São Paulo, reached the mark of 1,845,086 cases and 54,545 deaths on Saturday, but local officials pointed to stabilization with a downward bias in the epidemic indicator – the government of São Paulo included restrictive measures this week Did contain viruses. Restaurant closures and non-essential commerce on weekends.

According to Health Ministry data, Minas Gerais is the second state with the most infections by coronovirus, with 767,061 cases, but Rio de Janeiro ranks second in terms of deaths recorded with 30,596 accumulated deaths.

According to Folder, 8,363,677 people still treat Kovid-19 and 903,106 patients in Brazil.

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