Brazil urgently needs to ban flights from India: Nota de Frenta Pella Vida

Brazil urgently needs to ban flights from India: Nota de Frenta Pella Vida

India has seen a sharp increase in the number of cases and deaths from Kovid-19, from 513,885 new cases in the last week of March to an increase of 500% in 2,597,285 new cases in the last week of April. Deaths increased by 750% from 3,071 to 23,231 in a single week.

Several reasons explain this sudden increase.

In January, Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi announced at a World Economic Forum meeting that his country was a success story in controlling the epidemic. As a result of this incorrect assessment, social distance measures were relaxed and crowds of people started attending political and religious events. Furthermore, the rate of vaccination coverage in India is low: only 10% of its population received the first dose and only 1.6% received both doses. At least, a new version of Coronavirus has not appeared, called B.1.617.

The risk of spreading this new version with disastrous results, of course, is as of 3 May. 24 countries imposed sanctions Flights from India. In these countries, Brazil is not

In our country, epidemics, incompatibility, and the exclusion of the federal government and the actions of the conflict are being boycotted, developing the majority of professionals of the integrated health system and public authorities in states and municipalities. In fact, vaccination is slowly advancing and measures to limit mobility and social distance are very limited, without financial support to ensure that people do not go hungry. The emergence of a second wave, inspired by the emergence of a new version at the end of last year, took our country to a greater epidemic level than was experienced during the first wave. The rapid growth of cases, particularly in severe cases, has exceeded the ability to expand care networks without the support required by the federal government, financial resources, equipment, and basic inputs (eg oxygen). This trajectory should lead the country to reach the tragic mark of one and a half million deaths by Kovid-19 in the first half of 2021.

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In this context, the arrival of a new version in Brazil may make the situation even more frightening. Therefore, there is an urgent need for the country to ban flights from India, limiting the number of people able to enter Brazil to demand negative results from sensitive laboratory tests and to determine quarantine of passengers.

In light of this, Frenta Pella Vida appealed to the Republic authorities, with the utmost readiness, to adopt restrictions on the arrival of people from the territory of Brazil to India, as it has been adopted by many countries, with the aim of preserving population. These measures should be adopted in agreement with the Government of India, ensuring reciprocity of treatment between the two countries and without compromising the transport of essential products such as active pharmaceutical ingredients required for vaccine production.

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