Brazil wants to focus on self-defense for children in England after their daughter is bullied at school

Brazil wants to focus on self-defense for children in England after their daughter is bullied at school

A jiu-jitsu black belt and resident in London, England, Leonardo Queiroz recently went through a delicate situation when he bullied his daughter at school. The Brazilian, who worked as a security guard for diplomats and celebrities in the United Kingdom, had to go to school and even threatened to bring in lawyers and the police to solve the problem, as he explained:

Leo Queiroz with his daughter at the gym in England (Photo: Personal Archive)

Photo: Throw!

– My daughter has gone through this from her first year in school, but it is a very difficult country here. Schools protect people who practice bullying, I had to threaten to put lawyers, police and even go and solve it myself, who intimidated my daughter to solve (the problem). My wife Jacqueline and I went through a lot of boring situations in this regard that they seem to have solved – remarked the Brazilian.

Thinking about this and the various difficulties that children, teens, and even adults suffer – or already suffer from – with bullying, Leonardo goes on to implement its purposeful work in his gym. are. Brazil, which will soon open an academy in England, wants to teach self-defense techniques that boost everyone’s self-confidence.

– With confidence and emotional control, the person can deal with a dangerous situation and fight bullying without the need for physical aggression. It is better to know how to defend and not need to use, than not to need to use and not to know how to defend yourself. One should only use physical aggression, only to deter the attacker’s action – said Leo, who left a message:

– I advise the parents to directly go to the school and complain and demand that the school principal resolve it. Most schools do not pay attention to prevent this from happening, or to prevent this type of problem. Talk to the authorities too, because it is a crime – he concluded.

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