Brazil will compete in the first Women’s Polo World Cup in Argentina

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From next Saturday (9), Brazil will compete for the first women’s polo worldor in history, which will be played Argentina, The competition, which will continue until the 16th, still counts with the participation of the Argentine team. we, Ireland, Italy And United Kingdom, The competition will be organized by Argentine Polo Association

The Women’s Polo World Cup will be played in two phases. In the first, the six teams will be divided into two groups of three teams each and will face each other within the bracket. After the matches, the top two teams advance to the semi-finals and the winners face each other in a decision on the 16th.

“Women’s polo continues to grow. It is a sport where women go from spectator to hero. For you (Argentina Polo Association), an organization that fights for equality and inclusion in the sport, it is an honor and a pride. That’s it. The World Cup matches are played on the grounds of Palermo,” said President Delfin Uranga.

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The relationship between the regions of Argentina and Palermo with Polo dates back more than three decades. In 1987, the first men’s polo championship was held in the South American country, on the same grounds where the 2022 women’s tournament would be played, and the hosts were crowned.

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