Brazil will face Japan in the final leg of the Volleyball Nations League

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The opponent of the Brazilian women’s volleyball team in the final stage of the League of Nations was revealed on Sunday afternoon. Brazil will face Japan for the quarter-finals in Ankara, Turkey, which comes from a negative streak of four losses, the last being Belgium this afternoon.

José Roberto Guimaraes’ team finished second in the classification stage, but Turkey, being the host country and being in the top eight in terms of regulation, rose to the lead, pushing the United States into second place. Brazil was at number three.

Brazil and Japan have already faced each other twice this season, both in friendlies. The Japanese team won, but the Brazilian team did not have many names like Captain Gabi.

The Japanese national team was a great sensation at the start of the Nations League, reaching eight consecutive victories, but comes into free fall and has lost the last four games. Brazil won ten to the United States and Italy and lost only two matches.

The League of Nations final will take place from 13 to 17 in Ankara, Turkey.

Check matches:

Brazil (3rd) vs Japan (sixth)

Turkey (1st) vs Thailand (8th)

United States (2nd) vs Serbia (seventh)

Italy (4th) vs China (5th)

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