Brazilian Rugby Confederation CEO points to lack of female leaders in sports organizations

Mariana Maine was one of the interviewees on the event ‘Mulheres Positivas’ this Monday, 21; Women’s team leaves for Tokyo Olympics

Brazilian Rugby Confederation/Disclosure Before entering the world of sports, Khan worked for large companies

program “positive women“, gives young panBrought to you as a guest of the presenter This Monday, 21 Fabi SaadiCEO of the Confederation of Brazil rugby, Mariana Maine, and player Helin Schratt. The two are part of a series of interviews in an Olympic environment carried out in partnership with TIM. Minne, who is an administrator, married and has two children, balances her personal and professional life and has had a long career in corporate executive positions and as an entrepreneur. She always considered the mix of corporate world and sports to be a positive one. “I was on the other side of the table, caring for brands and evaluating potential partners for my brands to invest in, so I think I have a better chance than my potential sponsor when aligning with the sports entity. I have a lot of clarity. In that sense, I understand how I can create value for these brands, for these partners”, he said.

The Confederation’s first female CEO, Mayne believes that there are not enough corporate policies to include women in sporting entities, but she points out that the women’s game of rugby is recent and that it is more appropriate to match sports teams. working for. “When you compare with other sports entities in Brazil, you don’t see women in leadership, whether in the positions of president, CEO or top directors. They are super underrepresented. I firmly believe that sport Institutions have to open their eyes to this, because this issue is very relevant to the world, to the sporting community, whether it is made up of fans, athletes or sponsors,” he said. Wanting to leave a limited and conservative universe of K and invest in a career like CEO or even a sports player, she reminds them of the need to go after what they want: “Are they dreaming? They can do whatever they want. They have a lot of courage, a lot of strength, a lot of willpower, a lot of patience, without limiting themselves”, he advised. Said that this is living proof that it is not necessary for you to choose between career and family, you have to balance both. .

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Helene Schratt is the daughter of a physical teacher and was always inspired by her mother to exercise. She entered rugby in 2011 under the influence of her stepfather, who was a player in the sport. When he had direct contact with the players of the Brazilian sports team, he began to nurture his dream of being one of them. “Two years after I started practicing, I had the opportunity to go to Curitiba and enter the university and test myself to be able to practice rugby there,” he said. She went to physical education college, took a two-year course, went on to play and even started a business in a restaurant, which she considered necessary to be a part of team sports. As an athlete, moving to a different city and being away from family was one of the most difficult moments of my career. “It’s not the comfort of home, when you need a lap and say ‘Hey, my mother is 500 kms from here, I can’t find her today and it will be difficult for me. But getting the support of friends’ Being able was also very important”, she said.

The athlete considers rugby not only a sport, but also an educational tool. “I really believe that if we start this project within schools, then grassroots development, this is where we will start to occupy, and let more people know and practice the sport so that It may be better known within our country”. As an admirable woman, Mari Meine mentions former First Lady of the United States, Michelle Obama, athlete Helin Schratt, and Brazilian rugby team player Julia Sarada.

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Watch the full “Positive Women” event this Monday, the 21st:

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