Brazilian short film ‘Seu de Agosto’ honored in Canso

Posted on 7/17/2021 4:13 pm

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Brazilian director Jasmine Tenucci’s short film “Seu d’Agosto” received a special mention at the Cannes Film Festival this Saturday.

The film is a reflection on “what it means to be Brazilian at the moment” and “a question about the future”, he said a few days ago. AFP The director was competing for the Palme d’Or in the category with another Brazilian production, “Cideral”, by Carlos Segundo.

Jasmine tells the story of a pregnant woman, concerned about the health of her baby, on the day a large cloud of smoke darkened the city of S साo Paulo in August 2019. Hours later, it was discovered that smoke was coming from the fire. Was burning in the Amazon for more than a week.

The 35-year-old director said he witnessed the unprecedented: “It was an apocalyptic image, nobody really knew what it was about.” Small, however, did not seek to condemn deforestation in the Amazon. “It’s already well known. It’s more a reflection on how Brazilians feel.”

The director is part of the artistic collective Irrelevant Media, which has members from countries such as Colombia, Mexico, the United States, and Germany. Thanks to that, he was able to finance part of the film, said Jasmine, who had won a master’s scholarship in directing at Columbia University in New York. She currently writes Brazilian series for Netflix.

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