breathlessness! Scientists discover possible date to eliminate Earth’s oxygen

breathlessness!  Scientists discover possible date to eliminate Earth's oxygen

As experts How to produce oxygen from lunar dust, Other scientists were able to predict how long the Earth would run out of available oxygen on the planet.

According to the researchers Toho University From Japan and NASA, the gas we breathe could end in about 1 billion years from now. The estimate came after a series of simulations performed by the teams.

Scientists may have used a computer to run this simulation, taking into account the Earth’s response to climatic conditions, biological and geological processes, in addition to the Sun’s activity.

As the astro-Ri is heated, the release of energy also increases. The result is a decrease in the ozone layer and carbon dioxide levels in the atmosphere. This will destroy the life of plants, which produce oxygen.

However, not all forms of life will be eliminated. Bacteria that survive without oxygen will still persist in these conditions. Researchers still believe that with this, the planet will return to the initial stages of development.

If the study is correct, the Earth’s “shelf life” would be much shorter than the five billion years previously predicted, when the Sun would expand and swallow our planet.

What is your assessment of the survey conducted by the team at the Japanese University and NASA? Tell us your opinion in the comment area.

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