Britain proposes to stop fire in conflict zones for vaccination

Britain proposes to stop fire in conflict zones for vaccination

British Foreign Minister Dominic Raib initiated the initiative during a Security Council video conference meeting where he plans to address the distribution of vaccines worldwide, he said in a statement.

Global vaccination coverage is necessary to beat coronavirus“, He would say at the meeting, which he would hold during the month of February under the chairmanship of the Security Council.

Rab would argue that without vaccination campaigns that let the virus continue to spread in regions, the rest of the world is at increased risk of new variants establishing or developing and triggering new waves of the Kovid-19 epidemic.

It is estimated that in Yemen, South Sudan, Somalia and Ethiopia, more than 160 million people are at risk of being vaccinated against coronovirus due to political instability and lack of assistance due to local conflicts.

The United Kingdom wants the Security Council to build an understanding on a resolution that promotes temporary cease-fire and access to these areas by humanitarian organizations and international agencies, which took place in Afghanistan in 2001.

At the time, a break was achieved in a two-day battle to provide access to 35,000 health professionals and volunteers to vaccinate 5.7 million children under the age of five against polio.

We have a moral duty to act and have a strategic need to defeat this virus”, Protects Raab.

The initiative is part of a British diplomatic offensive on Friday for a virtual summit of G7 leaders with high topics on the agenda, the Kovid-19 pandemic and the uniform distribution of the vaccine.

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Organized by British Prime Minister Boris Johnson, the meeting is part of a rotating presidency program of the group of seven most industrially regarded among the seven countries formed by the United Kingdom, Canada, France, Germany, Italy, Japan and the United States . European Union (EU).

It will also be the first event of international leaders with the participation of American leaders, Joe Biden.

One of the largest donors to the COVAX initiative led by the World Health Organization, the UK has promised £ 548 million (€ 625 million), aimed at global and equal access to the Kovid-19 vaccine with 1, 3 billion. To be sure. Dosage.

Of these, 330 million are expected to be distributed in developing countries by July.

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