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Eduardo Leite says that the PSDB cannot systematically oppose the Bolsennaro government

SAO PAULO, SP (FOLHAPRESS) – In a week to be consolidated within the PSDB as an alternative to João Doria for presidential candidacy next year, the governor of Rio Grande, Sul, Eduite Leite (PSDB), 35, made a point. The demarcation of their differences in relation to Sao Paulo made. In an interview with the report, Leight defended his liberal style in opposition to the attacks, stating that he did not do politics in the light of the wind or as a personal aspirant and reminded that Doria campaigned for Zaire Bolsonaro in 2018. did. Still distance. In relation to Bolsanaro’s opposition. Doria intends to adopt it as a rule in the party, while Leight sees systematic opposition costs to society and defends the government’s analysis of economic proposals. On this Friday (12), the storm pressured Doria into defeat by re-appointing Bruno Arazzo to the party’s presidency. Aécio Neves (PSDB-MG) also proposed preliminaries, which reinforced Leyte, although Gaucho declined to go to the deputy. * Question – Sh. Started the process of almost pre-candidacy for the Presidency. Mr. Want it and feel ready? Eduardo Leite – As much as they insist on talking about pre-candidacy, it is a matter of discussing a project for the country. In that sense, I am ready. What I had to do to do what I was asked to do for deputation, to negotiate with the people for the creation of the Center by the Central Government. I want to do my part. But applications will be made at the appropriate time. Doria has a presidential candidacy. Does your stand not clash with you and the Purvanchalis do not risk alienating the party? EL – I don’t think preview is a problem. They can mean good debate not only for the creation of a candidacy, but the vision of a party program. In the United States, this is the tradition. There is a feeling that the country as the President of the Republic needs protests, names, ideas, public policies. And the counter-argument is restraint, thoughtfulness, common sense, moderation. Whoever is willing to protest with these values ​​and principles, there is no need to be afraid to do the preliminary process if necessary. It should be analyzed that elections have the capacity of management capacity, political capacity and political capacity to enrich the management. Thoughts come before names. But electoral ability is not determined only by a candidate’s personal, charismatic or publicity ability, it is also determined by circumstances, by context, and we are still a year and a half before the election. In terms of management, politics and electoral feasibility, as Sh. See your situations and doria? EL – The most important thing is not how I see it, but how others see it, especially within the party. This decision is therefore for the path that the party considers best suited to the way it functions and better relates to the voter’s perception of the electorate. I am talking about adopting the voter’s point of view, but that does not mean the opportunistic behavior of adopting the way of doing politics that will get the most votes in the short term. It is not about leading the winds. Mr. Careful about candidacy, but Storm claims that Sh. Hunters must win in all states. Mr. Look at this scenario EL – I have dedicated myself to looking after the affairs of our state. We do not look more closely at this discussion of a syllabus for the party. Governor Doria has already said that he is ready to discuss the best methods which are not specifically his candidacy. If that is her position, then she is also mine. I do not make policy to fulfill personal aspiration. We need to bring the country on the road with restraint, which does not mean absence of status. Non-conflict, non-fundamentalism is often confused with lukewarm, not on one side. This means reconciling the situation with conviction, but without insulting those who think differently. This government, in contempt of life, is not the same as the challenge of democracy. Don’t you think that this government should have a more strong opposition response like Doria? EL – What concerns regarding science deny, health care and contempt for people’s lives, without a doubt. We should strongly oppose it. On the other hand, the government presents on the economic side after the country’s severe economic crisis, the guidelines that are close to our defense. I say it’s coming because government action is still sneaky. There is therefore no way to systematically oppose, that disrupts, that completely disrupts the government’s actions, the one that disrupts everything coming from the government, because, with the intention of electoral gains only, the party Conditions will become an obstacle. Minimizing this economic problem in the country is affecting the lives of the people. Donna Maria and Mr. Joao who suffer the consequences. If we are not in the mood to negotiate, perhaps in the eyes of these citizens, they will justify the president’s argument that he tries to do this and they will not let it happen. Whether or not there is a wide-open protest in the PSDB this week, about whether or not to take out Esseau Nive, or in the end is it a distraction for Doria or against it? EL – Aécio Neves has no influence in this discussion as Governor João Doria tries to build trust. I have expressed myself many times that I understand that Aécio Neves should have been expelled or that he had been expelled from the party. Deputy Aécio Neves frustrated our expectations and disappointed us as much as he disappointed millions of Brazilians who believed in 2014 as an option. Tried to say that they have a wing of Aécio and a wing lies against Aécio. If this is a lie, then what is the heart of partition in the party? EL – division is [no fato de] Leaders must be involved as a whole in the creation of the PSDB project, not someone or a specific group within the party. Aécio did a trick that directly benefits you, proposing that the party do the necessary favors. Mr. Do you see a kind of sponsorship of his candidacy by Aécio Neves? EL – Absolutely not. I have no contact with Deputy Aceo Neves. I have already expressed my view strongly about the deputy’s performance. At least 12 MPs were speaking to me in Rio Grande do Sul. To summarize this conversation with Aécio’s position would be to reduce the leadership of a senator and more than a dozen deputies from different states who would have the same personal relevance as Aécio Neves. This would be disrespectful and insulting to all party agents engaged in the construction of a project for the country. His political constituency is associated with Luiz Heinrich Mandetta (DEM), Sergio Moro, Luciano Hooke, Doria and even Ciro Gomes. How many names do you see this small place? EL – A year and a half before the election, it is positive that the country has options, a name for a center project. At the right time, it may be strategically preferable to seek greater agglutination in fewer applications. The left is already stationed with Fernando Hadad (PT). Are you afraid that the center will be stuck in a polarization between the left and Bolsonaro? EL – This is why I understand that center applications must maintain all respect and the possibility of lasting dialogue. In the sense of seeking to create the greatest possible convergence, which can break through the blockade of this bigotry and show the country that there are alternatives to the center. In 2018, Sh. And Doria supported Bolsonaro in the second round. If the scenario is repeated in 2022 with Bolsonaro and P.T., Sh. Repeat your situation? EL – It was in this context that I said in another interview that I did not associate my name with Bolsonaro, because I think it is important, when the country comes to know me more, that I know What happened is different from what was seen in other places like Sao Paulo. I was under pressure to create a campaign to marry Bolsanaro and I did not give in to those pressures. And I said, this is the second round of the Pleasitory election for PT’s non-return under those circumstances, which were experienced. The circumstances for 2022 will depend on how the applications will behave. How do you view the investigation conducted by the Minister of Health, Eduardo Pazuelo, about the omissions or accountability in the epidemic, and do you think Bolsonaro could be implicated? EL – The performance of a minister cannot be separated from the guidelines given by the President. On the other hand, I emphasize that we always draw attention from the point of view of the Ministry of Health, the qualification of beds, the receipt of input, the technical approach required for the equipment. The president’s expressions of distance led to a major confrontation with the federal government. As the producer of a national project, Sh. You should keep in mind Manaus’s question. If the Rio Grande do Sul did not miss anything, there was no oxygen. EL – The situation in Manaus, as in other states that are experiencing difficulties, is entitled to due diligence to identify responsibilities. It would be irresponsible for me to hand over responsibility for newspaper news. * X-RAY Eduardo Latte, affiliated with 35 PSB since he was 16 years old, was a councilor, mayor and mayor of Pelotas (2013-2017), before running for governor in 2018, when he did Jose Ivo Sartori (MDB ), Which he was trying for re-election. A law graduate, he announced ‘significant support’ to Zaire Bolsonaro (PSL) in the second round of the presidential election.

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