British Airways apologizes to Welsh fans, wishes England luck ahead of Fall Nations Cup rugby clash

<p>British Airways’ tweet on Saturday morning sparked anger among Welsh rugby fans</p>

The airline, which is arranging sponsorship with England Rugby, sent luck to England via Twitter on Saturday morning ahead of its Fall Nations Cup match against Wales in Lalaneli on Saturday morning.

The tweet, which was later deleted, read: “Good luck to the England rugby team today against Wales.”

The message, which included a short video, provoked many Welsh fans, who expressed their displeasure on social media.

Welsh Health Minister Van Gaehing tweeted: “3M + is a great way to annoy potential customers.”

Labor MP Chris Bryant described the airline as a “complete dilemma” and said: “How right is that?”

Welsh BBC News presenter Hu Edwards joked: “I love asyEasyJet.”

Meanwhile, the word “English Airways” kept popping up on Twitter as some Wales fans suggested that the airline should be relocated.

One fan tweeted: “Sorry ??? I assume you’re calling yourself ‘English Airways’? WTF?”

Yeskamru, Welsh’s independence campaign, tweeted: “To be clear, whenever Wales becomes independent, it will still be part of the British Isles.

“Your brand is not UK Airways, it’s British Airways.

“No matter what, we have enough,” he said.

BA, the official airline partner of England Rugby, apologized for being “lost” with the message.

A statement from the airline said: “We are a respected sponsor of England Rugby but at this point we inadvertently strayed, which we regret.

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