Bruna Marquezin shares rare family moment abroad

Bruna Marquezin showed off a family moment abroad (Image: Reproduction/Instagram)

Bruna Marquezin He shared with his followers on the social network a special moment that he lived in the last few days.

In Atlanta, United States, while filming the movie Blue Bee, the actress visited her family and attempted to record the moment.

On social media, the famous, who doesn’t usually take pictures with family members, appeared with her parents Telmo and Need and her sister Luana.

Bruna, who will play Jenny, the romantic partner of protagonist Jaime Reyes played by Xolo Mariduena, also showed records of outings with friends and moments of relaxation with co-stars. check out:

Bruna Marquezin enjoys Koren’s criticism over Clara Castanho case

Bruna Marquezin decided to slam the regional nursing council amid the case reported by Clara Castanho on her social network.

The actress revealed in an open letter that she was raped, became pregnant and received threats from a nurse during the delivery of the baby, which she gave up for adoption.

At that point, the health professional may have indicated that the case may have been leaked to “such a columnist.” Upon returning to her room after giving birth, Clara receives messages from journalists asking about this.

On Twitter, a user criticized the agency and recalled the approach it took with regards to Markezine last year:

“Man, when Bruna Marquezin dresses up as a nurse, Koren makes a post and campaign, but when a nurse breaks the rules and all the ethics of the Nursing Council, the heck makes a difference, right?”.

Seeing the impact of the post, Bruna tried to enjoy the publication and was supported. ,Perfect, perfect memory”One said. “Brazil is going to Brazil”“, criticized another. “Selective Extremism””, commented another.

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The controversy surrounding Leo Dias and the disclosure he made about Clara Castanho’s pregnancy provoked defenses on the internet. A fan of Bruna Marquezin recalled that a few years ago the actress denied any conversations with the journalist, which caused a debate on the Web.

In 2014, at the height of the relationship between Globo and the then-star of Neymar, Leo Dias was one of the gossip columnists who spearheaded the wave of the famous’s troubled relationship. The artist has always rejected any point of view of gossip and this has triggered criticism from the internet.

Following the story involving Clara Castanho, a profile on Twitter recalled that “Bruna Marquezin has been “warning us about Leo Dias” since 2014″ and recalled that “everyone used to call her an egoist because she called him an ego.” platform not given”. Marquezine likes a post.

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