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“Ferrias Trocadas,” a new comedy produced by Paris Entertainment, already has a scheduled release date in Brazilian cinemas: December 29. The filming was completed a few days ago. The film was shot entirely in Colombia and will feature Edmilson Filho in a double dose.

He plays the namesake Zedd and Edu, who are called Jose Eduardo Santos and, incidentally, travel to Cartagena on the same day. When they reach that place, a great confusion changes the fortunes of their families.

Jose Eduardo, aka Ze, owns a soccer school and hit the jackpot in a raffle by winning a trip for the whole family.

Jose Eduardo, better known as Edu, is a successful businessman, all hungry and full of prejudices.

Confusion arises when both are mistakenly left in the wrong place. The humble Zé goes to the luxury hotel, and the Edu goes to the simple inn.

This exchange provides experiences that both families were not used to living in.

Directed by Bruno Barreto, “Ferrius Trocadas” also stars Carol Castro, Aline Campos, Clara Castanho, Matthias Costa and Gustavo Mendes in the lead.

special guest

This Sunday, duly authorized by Red TV!, Sonia Abrao will be one of the guests of “The Silvio Santos Program”, but with a presentation by Patricia Abravanel.

Participate in the “Dots Game”


Renata Alves, presenter of “Hoje m Dia” will remove the field team on the 2nd.

But he has already returned to the studio of the program on the 9th.


The network and music environment are already crowded so that Buchecha, who celebrates a career spanning 20 years, is remembered on the show “BBB”.

Who knows, even in the end.

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And with the end of yet another “BBB”, it’s also natural for a festival of internet kicks around the next version of “A Fazenda” on the record.

By September, at least, there will be names for about five seasons.


Patricia Poeta’s days are numbered on the Saturday program “A de Casa” on Globo.

From May, in the first fortnight, she will begin recording pilots for the new “Encontrol”.

carnival time

Claudia Melo, actress and producer of the film “Rocinha – Toda Historia Tame dos Lados”, is preparing to debut in the fashion world as Bernadette, a businesswoman, with the series “Meu Corpo, Minha Onda” on Amazon Prime It’s Sapukai.

Only as a collection of trendy cabins.


Away from Globo’s soap opera since “O Setimo Guardiao” (2018), Vanessa Giacomo turned her attention to pay TV and streaming.

In addition to “Chuva Negra” for Canal Brasil, she is waiting to start recording for “O jogo que turn a historia” for Globoplay.

first scene

By the way, the folks at Afrorega began recording the series “The Game That Changed History” in Rio this Monday.

Former player and commentator Edmundo will debut as an actor in this work.


Erasmo Carlos and Ronnie Vaughn will be in this Monday in the song “Faustao na Band” that shook generations.

At the same event, Lazaro Ramos will talk about the release of the film “Medida Provisoria”.

movie theater

Actor and director Guga Coelho’s romantic comedy “Nunca Somos So Modernos”, hits theaters on the 21st.

The cast includes Googa himself, Leticia Spiller, Dudu Azevedo, Lucinha Lins, Luiza Tomé, Claudio Tovar and Alamo Facco, in addition to Ney Santana, a special guest.

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In the cast of “Reis” as Lesser, Bruno Suzano premieres at the 5th premiere of the show “A Historia a Uma Istoria”, directed by Ernesto Piccolo, at Cesc Tijuca in Rio.

Bruno also continues to write his first monologue.

last hour

Among the highlights of this Sunday’s “Dee”, On Record, was an article announcing the lawsuit that Cidde Negra members Lazo, da Gama and Ras Bernardo file against singer Tony Garrido, who The band’s trademark was registered in your name.

The trio had already spoken to reporter Paloma Poeta. Tony, who is in the United States, initially only authorized the placement of his citations, but yesterday, by video, he decided to record as well. He and Bino, the group’s bassists. Now, yes, both sides complete.

moms special

“Our Mothers” special directed by Carla Vilhena will star Chris Flores, Aliana, Marcia Dantas, Marion Rios and Patricia Abravanel. The attraction will air on SBT in prime time on the 6th, and will mark the TV debut of Silvio Santos in Vilhena.

The program is directed by Jenna Pepe.

in advantage

Netflix has delayed the release of the already recorded series “Maldives” some time ago and starring Bruna Marquezin. A production that is part of its “next release”.

Unsurprisingly, voluntarily, this delay could also be seen as a hit, given that Bruna was very much in evidence after being cast in one of the lead roles in the DC movie “Blue Beetle”.

expected moment

A moment awaited by fans of the soap opera “Polyana Moka” (SBT) takes place in next Wednesday’s episode.

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That’s when the first kiss between the characters of Poliana (Sofia Valverde) and Joo (Igor Jansson) airs.

abrava’s ball

During a show Friday in So Paulo, which was attended by several ex-BBBs, Tiago Abravanel gave an interview to the staff of “Fofoclizando”.

sbt should show the content on this monday.


• Carla Prata could be one of the band’s next innovations.

• Juliano Lahm, after “Genesis”, continues to work on the preparation of the series “Reece”.

• The series “The Division” will record the third and fourth seasons, right next to each other…

• … This process of recording two seasons almost simultaneously is being accelerated by content producers and even TVs such as Globo…

• …an example, “as five”.

• If there’s anyone who has done great outside the “BBB” home, it was slimming entrepreneur Myra Cardi.

Starring Rodrigo and Felipe Simas, “Ez Aventuras de José e Durval” will consist of eight 45-minute episodes about the trajectories of Chitaozinho and Zorro…

• … Aramis Trindade is also part of the cast of the series, which does not yet have a premiere date on Globoplay.

• In “Cara e Corajem”, the next seven o’clock soap opera, Marcelo will play the role of Cerrado Moa, a stunt double who is a reference to his colleagues.

• Mauricio Meirelles will interview actor and comedian Marcelo Mansfield on “Foi Mau” this Monday, at 11:30 pm, on RED TV!…

• … With a career spanning more than 25 years, Mansfield will talk about his pioneering stand up shows and more recent shows “Humor aos pedacos”.

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