Review | Isle of Secrets – Netflix’s German thriller grabs viewers’ attention

Review |  Isle of Secrets - Netflix's German thriller grabs viewers' attention

A large part of the great Brazilian public has become accustomed to watching films produced by American cinema, with its extraordinary style of telling stories based on special effects. And that’s fine. But, it is interesting to give a chance to the cinema produced by other countries, because from time to time you can get to see good movies like ‘isle of secrets‘, curiosity german who has just arrived Netflix And has been very successful.

In the first scene, we are surprised to see an old woman on an empty beach, looking at the sea through binoculars. Out of nowhere, a mad dog is seen chasing him and hitting him. Four months after the funeral, the parents of jonasso They are driving when they are surprised by another car going against traffic, and after crashing, they die. So, we started following the life of jonasso (Philip Crumpling), a teenager who becomes orphaned within a few months, has lost his grandmother and now lives with his grandfather, with whom he has hardly any contact. For an island with few inhabitants, the latest events are considered tragic, but are seen as isolated events. jonasso tries to carry on with his life as normal, hiding his feelings for his co-worker, Nina (mercedes muller), but when a new teacher, Helena Jango (alice dwyer) reach school, their fragile relationship is shaken.

isle of secrets’ The first ten minutes of the film startle the audience, with a sequence of events that immediately makes us question what is happening and how these events are related. However, after this opening moment, the film calms down, and the script for miguel alexandre I Lisa Carline Hofer Gives a cool, quick transition curiosity To Drama While we wait for the pieces to fit together. Still, it’s not something that hurts the convenience, but it acts like a foot on the brake to keep the production pace up a bit, so that we can enjoy it little by little.

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On the other hand, it is this adjustment of the elements that catches the eye’isle of secrets‘. As the mystery unfolds, we quickly find out who’s behind it, leaving us only to find out what insane motive will drive it all. This strategy brings the audience closer to the protagonist, who knows nothing and will only discover everything in the end. Although in the last section. characteristic of miguel alexandre Give a tremendous amount of force to the freedom of events (let us dedicate an extra dose of credibility), what’s more interesting is the construction of the plot, which leads to Bane, leading the viewer to its final resolution.

isle of secrets‘ is a well-constructed German thriller set on a remote island unknown to the general public. different with a narrative building style America, is an immersive film that mixes equal amounts of lust, passion, innocence, revenge, oppression and intrigue, so that the audience cannot leave the production until the mystery is unraveled. No wonder, it started off hard and went straight to the top 10 Netflix.

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