BTS and Lizzo are on the soundtrack to “Eternos” by Marvel, website says

BTS and Lizzo are on the soundtrack to “Eternos” by Marvel, website says

New MCU movie opens next month

This week, a rumor started circulating the internet: bts I Lizzo will be on the soundtrack of the new production of Miracle, “eternal”.

The discussion started this Saturday (16), when a Brazilian fan club from the Marvel Universe published a publication on the subject. The account published a list of what was believed to be K songs. song music Of the film

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Among the tracks mentioned are “Friends” by BTS; “Juice” by Lizzo; “Time” by Pink Floyd and others. check out:

According to one of the account administrators, the information came from a document issued by Disneybut it cannot be disclosed. It was also recalled that the same fan club published the alleged soundtrack “Shang-Chi and the Legend of the Ten Rings”. At that time, the veracity of the list was later confirmed.

Referring to “Eternal” the publication quickly spread through the network, reaching other countries. The media then decided to investigate the information.

hey Prima facie He was one of the first to report the news. Independent US media outlets specializing in geek culture news confirmed the songs on the track.

hey newzenThe South Korean newspaper also said the list is true. According to the website, the news came from a confirmed representative Walt Disney Company in Korea.

The track “Eternal” features songs from BTS, Lizzo and more – learn more about the new Marvel movie!

The new production from Marvel Studios opens in US theaters on November 5th. Obviously, Brazil will also follow the date.

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The origin of the film is from the comics Marvel Comics. In the universe created by the company, the Eternal are the descendants of the first beings to live on Earth. They are part of a race modified by the space gods known as the Celestials. conspiracy. occurs after the events of “Avengers: Endgame”, when an unexpected tragedy forces the heroes into hiding to rally against humanity’s oldest enemies – belonging to a race called the Deviants.

main cast brings Angelina Jolie like thea; Richard Madden as Icaris; kumail nanjiani like kingo; gemma chano Like Cersei; Lauren Ridloff like a fool; Brian Tyree Henry like Festos; dong-sok ma like Gilgamesh and Salma Hayek Invite Como.

the film is directed chloe zhao. The script is left to the brothers Matthew A. Ryan Firpo.

BTS and Lizzo are on the soundtrack to “Eternos”. Photos: Disclosure

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