Tom Morello remembers learning 250 songs before touring with Bruce Springsteen

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Rage Against Machine Guitarist opens. He had to learn more than 200 songs before going on tour with the ‘Burn to Run’ hitmaker and E Street Band.

Tom Morello “Learn 250 songs” before his first tour with Bruce Springsteen And E Street Band– But it still wasn’t enough.

The Anger against the machine The guitarist – who was part of the popular touring group of “Born to Run” musicians from 2008 to 2015 – admits that he is prepared for the habit of taking random requests from the audience.

Asking a fan about the “appearance ceremony” for the band, he told Uncut Magazine, “E Street Band I was one of the biggest live rock bands in the world for 40 years before I played with them, so my main job was not to ruin a good thing. ”

“I learned 250 songs before I left for the first tour, so I guess that would be the highlight. And yet, it wasn’t enough.”

“Bruce often surprised us with requests from the crowd – and sometimes they weren’t even Bruce Springsteen’s songs. When we were in Australia, we sang and played. INX, Bee… ”

Tom insisted that no member of the band had any idea how the settler would operate, and that The Boss would change the “arrangement” of the flight.

“No one in the band knows what the next song will ever be,” he added.

“And the song arrangements aren’t even carved out of stone, so you’ll never know when the time may come for a guitar alone. It really put me on my toes.”

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Today, Morello has to take care of his children, and he admits that his 11-year-old daughter is more into modern hip-hop than rock music.

“As a young person, you must like music that your parents don’t really understand,” he said.

“In the same way Kissing And black Sabbath My mom raised an eyebrow, I raised the same eyebrow, but I had to push it down. ”

“My nine-year-old loves the classic rock, so it’s Zeppelin and Floyd and AC / DC… but sometimes it’s too high. ”

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