Cam Nyton encourages Ankle Harry after a fight against the Dolphins

Cam Nyton encourages Ankle Harry after a fight against the Dolphins

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New England England wide receivers Ann Cal Harry Trying to make a big leap forward this year after a forgotten hurdle season in 2019.

However, a lost momentum ensued which resulted in a touchdown in the third quarter of Sunday’s Miami Dolphins victory, making it Harry’s most profitable game ever in the NFL. Patriot quarterback Cam ton ton Asked about Harry’s confusion, Ninton tried his best to focus on Harry’s contribution to the team.

Let’s put a lot of things in perspective here“Through Mike Rees of,” said Nitton. “Did he play well? Yes, he did. I think a game overshadowed his production. He bailed me out on a game, on a kind of wrong pass with which he came down and came down first. He did quite well in the run game. He had fought a few catches. And it was all unnecessary because a lot of people were focused on confusion. ”

Harry has never had three catches or 29 yards out of seven games he played for the Patriots last season. Against the Dolphins on Sunday, Harry caught five yards for 39 yards and attempted a total of 19 passes in the game.

The Patriots led 14-1 late in the third quarter with a first and goal on the Miami 10-yard line when Harry pulled off a ton ton and ran for the finish zone. However, Linebacker Jerome Baker Harry was caught inside the 5-yard line and the ball bounced out of his grip. Given. It passed through the end zone for a touchback that kept the dolphins out of England’s reach.

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“It simply came to our notice then. “He’s still a young player trying to come in. That’s going to happen. You just have to be more discriminating with the help you render toward other people. But he is jumping and everyone will expect him. He is growing in his best self. ”

The mistake did not go unnoticed by the Patriots, who won 21-11 over the Dolphins last week. However, the margin of error against the Seattle Seahawks this Sunday night could be quite low.

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