Came to the House on the preparation for “PUZZLE”: no one in the studio expected what they said in front of the camera! Photo

An unusual moment in a popular quiz.

Source: RTS1 / PrintScreen

At the beginning of the popular quiz “puzzle“An unusual situation has occurred.

Host Marija Veljokovics received praise from contestant Oliver Vukovic, who used the opportunity before the start of the show and told her she had the most beautiful eyes.

“Before I say anything, I want to congratulate you on meeting your wife, and that is that you are the most beautiful-eyed woman in the world,” said the contestant, who surprised the host with a smile. Thanked

“I wish, thank you, congratulations to my wife,” he replied.

“When a woman gives a compliment to a woman, it’s the right thing to do, I can only agree,” said the contestant, and I orchestrated the beginning of the quiz, and then threw myself “into solving it” “.

“Thank you very much,” Maria thanked him once again.

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