Can I collect my PS5 during lockdown? Game and Argos updates

Can I collect my PS5 during lockdown?  Game and Argos updates

Halloween was a day of thrills, horrors, horror movies, and lots of desserts. It was the day we found out that England was going back to a national lockout next Thursday – we will definitely have no trouble remembering November 5 this year.

As a result of Saturday’s announcement, a lot of things are in the air now, but for sports fans, all eyes are now on the next generation consoles, both of which are scheduled to be released during that lockout period.

For those who were lucky enough to secure a PS5 pre-order secure online, things shouldn’t change. All orders must be placed because they have always been enforced November 19 To do something different without you. But people who went to the store for pre-order had a good reason to be concerned about being forced to close all non-essential stores.

For more information on PS5, we need you to know about the upcoming PS5 games and games that are compatible with PS5.

Can I collect my PS5 in lockdown?

Here is everything we know so far about the console collection situation if you plan to go to a store to collect the console on the first day.

The game

It will appear The game Has solved the problem of not allowing non-essential stores to open – this can be a good click and collecting Loofol will allow customers to still collect their consoles on the day of launch.

Smiths has done this in the past, and tweets from local stores seem to suggest that this is what will happen.

Although this statement only refers to people who still want to pre-order (assuming they will have more stock on the day of release), we understand that customers who have already ordered Contact is now being made to pay for the console and then collect it on November 19th. It revolves around making any sales around them, which they are not allowed to do, and yet allows everyone to choose the PS5 on the day of launch.

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This also applies Argos Which luckily was clicked and collected long before Lockdown made it an essential item – it also helps that many Argos stores have been relocated to Sensesbury locations that are considered essential and open. Will remain.

Argos is responding on Twitter to reassure people that the collection and delivery will still go ahead as planned.

So, for now, at least, it looks like most people who were worried about missing out on playing the PlayStation 5 might one day breathe a little easier. We’ll keep tabs on the status and let you know if anything changes.

The same seems to be true of the Xbox Series X, which is set to be released next week. November 10.

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