Canceled film will be ‘very good’: Actress

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in an interview with Indy WireActress Lee Seydoux commented on Gambit’s solo film, which was canceled after Disney acquired Fox.

Starr was cast in a role in the project, possibly as Gambit’s love interest, who would be played by Channing Tatum.

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According to Lee Seydoux, the project’s script was “very good” and had a fun style, slightly different from the productions she is used to.

“The script was great. There were some really funny parts to it. They wanted to do something in a comedy style.”

“I think in the United States, people are more creative. I have been offered films, which is a far cry from what I am used to doing.”

“I think it’s very interesting. I love feeling like I can adapt. To me, it’s very fascinating.”

In the comics, Gambit is a main character of the X-Men, a team of mutants. miracle, That’s why Fox had the rights before it was acquired by Disney.

Marvel Studios is working on an X-Men reboot, but whether it will feature The Gambit remains to be seen.

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