Car News: What is Skoda Lauryn and Clement

Car News: What is Skoda Lauryn and Clement

For obvious reasons, the डाkoda Kodiaq is a common car with us. For equally understandable reasons, one wants a Kodiak that a neighbor does not have. A powerful but relatively expensive solution would be Kodiak RS. The expressive Sportline set adds a sporty note to the score of a larger off-roader, but for those who like to see an all-terrain vehicle in Kodiak, it is a strong scout. However, there is a special version of Kodiak which is very rare in our country, and it will only be recognized on the road by a connoisseur.

125 years ago, entrepreneur Bohemian established a bicycle, motorcycle and later car factory in Mladá Boleslav. In 1925, it was taken over by the डाkoda Works Group and renamed the company as we know it today – डाkoda Auto. The Kodiak may give a Czech carmaker at Lauryn & Clement, but on the outside, only small inscriptions on the front wings show what is special.

“Yes. Lauryn & Clement won’t have any big and brutal bumpers or special liners. There won’t be bright colors either. The essence of this set is a hidden, delicate elegance,” says Normunds Avotis.

In fact, the exclusive Kodiak features a different design of bumpers, a chrome radiator grille, and 19-inch wheels that are not other “clouds”. However, what really distinguishes L&K is not only from other Kodiakis, but also salons from other Skoda.

Lauryn & Clement has never been one of the cheapest, and the question arises as to what should I pay – that 2 inscriptions? off course not. The main benefit is the salon. It cannot be shown, but the scent speaks for itself – real leather is used here, and such seats are not available in any other Codex kit.

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They can be black or beige, and in both cases the back will be embroidered with the Lauryn and Clement logos.

“And what else I want to emphasize – this is the first Kodiak where I meet the corner of the new design. With two spokes like the new Octavia. And see how the Laurin and Clement inscription is embedded in the corner!”

and that’s not all. The spare wheels are no less elegantly integrated into the Canton Audio System subwoofer, and into factory navigation – multimedia devices. Apple Car Play connects wirelessly. Everything is heated, including the steering wheel, windscreen and rear seats. While maneuvering the surroundings, 360-degree cameras pay attention, but when driving – a complex of driver’s assistants.

If this set is already gorgeous, and it really is, then why is it so rare? The thing is that L&K is always very expensive, no matter the original model. For example, in Germany, such a Kodiaq costs at least € 45,000 without additional equipment. We are lucky With front-wheel drive and petrol engines, the L&K costs more than € 32,000. In return, diesel and 4×4 – 37,000 euros like this car. By comparison, for that money you can get the VW Tiguan R – Line, but only with a smaller petrol engine and a towing front.

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