Casemiro has been omitted from the selection due to a dental problem; Called Douglas Luiz – 10/05/2021

Casemiro has been omitted from the selection due to a dental problem;  Called Douglas Luiz - 10/05/2021

Real Madrid’s defensive midfielder Casemiro was cut from selection today (5) and ruled out of games for the qualifiers against Venezuela, Colombia and Uruguay. Tite’s coaching staff called in Douglas Luiz from Aston Villa as a replacement.

The team doctor said, “We kept in touch with Real Madrid and the player. We received an examination and medical report from the club, which showed an infectious process in the wisdom tooth with indications of the impossibility of complete rest and training over the next five days ” , Rodrigo Lasmar, via Advice.

Casemiro was supposed to perform in Bogota, Colombia this morning, but he didn’t make the trip either. Initially, CBF staff cited a “personal problem” to explain the absence. The technical committee also assessed whether this would be possible on a FIFA date, but the outlook was not positive.

Douglas Luiz is another English football player called. Since he was on the detailed list that Tite sent to FIFA, he had already been included in the request that the CBF made to the Brazilian government to open an exception for those coming from the United Kingdom so that they could be 14. Do not comply. The provision of quarantine days has been made in the Inter-Ministerial Ordinance 655 of 23 June. Nonetheless, the government published another ordinance on 2 October, which mandated B. issuesrasileiros who live near or reside in the United Kingdom are quarantined upon arrival in the country.

Another issue that was involved in this call-up is that the English clubs asked the coordinator of the selection, Juninho Paulista, to release the players playing in the Premier League before the third game. CBF denied this.

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Casemiro Tite has a second casualty compared to the original summon. The other cut striker was Matthias Cunha, who was replaced by Arthur Cabral. Without Real Madrid’s defensive midfielder, the national team’s coach opted to cast Fabinho as a starter at today’s training (5) in Bogota. In midfield, Tait still has options like Fred, Adenilson and Gerson. Paquetá may have acted, but he has acted in a more advanced way.

Brazil will face on Thursday (7), Colombia on Sunday (10) and Uruguay on the 14th. The third match will be held in Manaus.

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