CBF asks minister for Brazil x Argentina guarantee, says Anvisa – 08/09/2021 – SPORTS

CBF asks minister for Brazil x Argentina guarantee, says Anvisa – 08/09/2021 – SPORTS

A document from Anvisa (National Health Surveillance Agency) states that the Acting President of the CBF (Brazilian Football Confederation), Ednaldo Rodrigues, contacted the Minister of Civil Affairs, Ciro Nogueira, so that the match between Brazil and Argentina was disrupted last Sunday. Done (5) in its opening minutes, can be resumed.

According to the document, Rodrigues wanted Yunes Eras Baptista, the supervisor of the body responsible for paralyzing the confrontation, to speak with the minister and issue a veto for non-compliance with the 14-day quarantine, imposed on those arriving from Brazil. Mandatory for foreigners. Places like the United Kingdom (quartet case) due to the Covid-19 pandemic.

Employee went to Neo Quimica Arena deliver notifications For the opposing athletes of the Brazil team. Argentina left the playing field because of the impossibility of counting on the players.

“At about 4:45 a.m., Mr. Ednaldo Rodrigues, president of the CBF, contacted me, informing him that I was in contact with Casa Civil and if I could speak with Mr. Minister Ciro Nogueira. I denied contact and informed him to go to the board of the Anvisa, to which I was subordinate, as it was a hygienic and legal action”, wrote Baptista in an excerpt from the document.

The CBF, through a note, denied that the working president of the confederation had contacted the ANVSA server under the stated conditions. And he said that the top hat does not authorize any person to speak on his behalf.

“The President of the CBF did not discuss this or any other matter with the Minister of the Civil House, Siro Nogueira, [nem] You don’t even have your phone contacts. The version is fictional”, the text says.

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The Palacio do Planalto was contacted by the report, but did not reveal itself until the conclusion of this text.

Anvisa’s inspector said that, apart from the CBF chairman, other directors questioned whether talks would be possible. According to Baptista, Sergio Ribas, deputy chairman of the Governance and Transfer Commission at CONMEBOL, requested a telephone number to contact an ANVSA director, to whom he would report.

CONMEBOL said only through a statement that FIFA gave the Confederation, the AFA (Argentina Football Association) and the CBF until Sunday (12) to comment on what happened.

The inspector said that the intention of the Anvisa was to follow the sanitary measure, and should be limited to notification of four players. Therefore, they should not participate in the match due to the disrespect of the sanitation law and public health.

However, upon arrival at the stadium, with the help of the federal police, Baptista reported difficulties cooperating with those attending the match in complying with the hygiene measures. He mentioned CBF, CONMEBOL, AFA and the players themselves.

Initially, inspectors and police were instructed to wait in a box. “The fact that it was not directed to an interlocutor with decision-making power (the institution’s directors and/or organisers) in a specific area (more private) should be directed to a public exhibition area (cabin). It was, in my opinion, an attempt to embarrass,” wrote Baptista.

He said he went out of the box to implement a definition. A man guided him to the locker room of the Argentine national team and informed him that there could be no photos or filming since that time due to security and commercial issues.

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“The personal belief was that the associated displacement was intentionally slow and disorganized to gain time and was a way of directing a potential interaction.”

Upon reaching the locker room, the inspector says that they were taken to an adjoining room. He says that several times he asked if a manager could sign for the players, which was immediately turned down. Because of this, federal police representatives began negotiations to reach an agreement, which did not materialise.

“At around 4:00 AM, unable to confirm the timing, I overheard the performance of the national anthem (at which point the obstruction became clear). I immediately headed for the door and headed for the field access tunnel. Once again a haphazard attempt was made to evade action, but the PF officials paved the way,” says Baptista, in another excerpt from the Anvisa document.

Four players from the Argentina national team have given false information and concealed that they were in the UK in the past 14 days: Emiliano Martínez, Emiliano Buendia, Giovanni Lo Celso and Cristian Romero. They play in Premier League football teams.

The Ministry of Health declined a request for extraordinary authorization to release four Argentine players from the quarantine period provided for in the country’s current health regulations and play against the Brazilian team.

The application was rejected 51 minutes before the start of the match between Argentina and Brazil. The match was interrupted as the ball rolled for six minutes.

Argentina’s request was made on Saturday (4). The letter from the assistant executive secretary for health, Alessandro Glauco dos Anjos de Vasconcelos, who declined the request, was electronically signed at 15:09 on Sunday.

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